Baby-step #4 Let’s talk about cleaning supplies


I have been thinking about ways to reduce my waste overall, and I decided that it would probably be best to work on one room of our house at a time…blog-wise anyway. I have already covered toothpaste and hair removal, and now I am venturing under the sink. (Cue creepy music)

I don’t look under here often but when I do it makes me shudder, there are a least 10 different cleaning products, each in a different plastic bottle, and all with ingredients that are both unhealthy and unpronounceable. My new mantra will be “If I can’t identify what is in it, I don’t buy it.”

One by one I will be switching these out to waste-free and eco-friendly options. What is currently under the sink:

1. Pet shampoo

2. Liquid hand-soap

3. Bleach wipes

4. Tile cleaner

5. Shower cleaner

6. Glass cleaner

7. Duster stuff….which should be in the kitchen sink but somehow made its way into the bathroom lol

8. Other cleaning spray for the sink

9. Rubber gloves

10. Scrub Brush

11. Refilled water bottles that my mom uses and refills for her nasal stuff

12. Toilet brush refills

How in the world did we end up with so much stuff? Do we really need a different cleaner for each part of the bathroom? ( I think not) I can guarantee that we have even more leaning supplies under our kitchen sink too, specifically for the kitchen (Insert shameful face-palm here)

Time for a cleaning supplies makeover 🙂

Vinegar and lemon cleaner
Vinegar and lemon cleaner (With a nice big label to distinguish it from the pickles haha)

This beauty right here will easily eliminate #3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, and some of the kitchen cleaners. It is easy to make and healthier for you than all of the smelly cleaners on the market Just take a few lemons that aren’t particularly fresh anymore, add vinegar, and voila! I store it in an old pickle jar and keep it in the fridge to keep it fresh, it has lasted a few weeks already, and the lemons can be reused for a few batches if you run out, just add more vinegar. For easy use you can pour it into a spray bottle.

It is safe to use around pets, etc. I used it on an old stain on our bathroom counter that none of the other cleaners could remove, and it did the trick 🙂

Do you use vinegar and lemon? How does it work for you compared to regular cleaners?


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