Conventional Wax vs. Sugaring

Hair removal….let’s face it, it is a pain in the butt. For women especially, it is a huge process. Between the pits, legs, and bikini line, there is a lot of real estate to cover. I have tried just about everything out there short of lasering. Shaving, waxing, hair remover creams, they all have drawbacks from razor-burn to extreme pain. There has to be a better way…

Since starting on my journey to be greener, I have started looking at the bottles and disposable things that have found a home in my bathroom. I have disposable razors, shaving cream bottles, hair remover cream bottles, and wax supplies all cluttering my bathroom. I can’t help but to think about how all of those things will end up in the trash when I am finished with them, and I am determined to make my bathroom routine greener. I have already tackled toothpaste tubes, now it is time for the hair removal stuff.

WIN_20150519_134555Waxing is the preferred method for getting rid of hair mostly because it lasts a lot longer than just shaving or even the hair remover creams. I am going to list the pros and cons of conventional waxing and sugaring.

Conventional wax:

~I have a “natural” wax product, and in the ingredient list there are 11 different ingredients. The other brands I looked into before purchasing this one had even more and I could not pronounce most of them.

~Conventional wax usually needs to be heated before use in order to be able to spread it.

~ The strips that go along with the wax are not made of natural fabric, and usually are a weird synthetic mix. The strips have their own ingredients list :/ on the plus side you just throw them out when you are done, making them somewhat convenient.

~ The strips and the wax are not reusable, which means that when thy run out you are stuck buying more and are left with the packaging.

~ The wax I currently own is supposedly “natural” but is incredibly difficult to get off of your skin once it is on. It comes with special wax remover wipes that don’t get the job done.

~Overall it is a pain, has a lot of steps, and is not very green both in ingredients and packaging.

Sugaring: During my search online for green alternatives to wax and shaving I came across recipes for “sugaring”. I had no idea what it even was until I started researching it and found out that it is basically a home-made “wax” that is completely eco-friendly.

~ There are literally 3 ingredients and they are all in your kitchen already. Water, sugar and lemon juice….yep, that’s it. 🙂

~ You put the ingredients into a pot and “cook” them for about 25-30 minutes to make it thick and sticky. (This I suppose is a con if you are crunched for time)

~ Next the mix cools and you can store it in a mason jar. There is really no need to reheat it, but if it is really cold in your house it is easily reheated by placing the jar in a bowl with warm water.

~ When you re ready to use it, it is easily stirred and from there it is basically the same process as waxing. (Except that instead of putting the wax with the grain and ripping against, I do it the opposite way to prevent breakage, I rip it with the direction it grows)

~ For waxing strips I just use strips of muslin, which is a thick cotton. Since the “wax” is completely dissolvable in water, the muslin is easily washed and reusable.

~ There is no need for wipes because the solution rinses off with water.

~Overall it may take a bit of time to make the sugaring solution, but it is a completely green alternative to conventional wax…plus it saves you a lot of money since you are making it out of cheap ingredients. 🙂




Which would you use?

(And yes those are reused smuckers and salsa jars. The wax one is empty because I haven’t made a new batch yet)


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