Baby-Step #5- Cat food :)


We have had our cats for about 11 years now, and up until recently I never even thought to google natural cat food. I always assumed that they were getting everything they needed from their prescription dry food….turns out that I was wrong. I was pretty young when we rescued our cats, and we just automatically fed them dry food because it was an affordable option. They developed urinary problems about 5 years ago, and after some expensive trips to the vet we were told to put them on a prescription dry food diet.

I have been going through a big shift in my life from consumerism via wasteful products, to a natural and hopefully someday zero-waste lifestyle. I just happened to come across a random article online a few weeks ago about feeding your cats a carnivorous diet because that is what nature intended for them to eat. A few days, and hours of research later, I decided to start making the transition to a meat based diet for my two babies.

Through my research I found out that cats are supposed to get about 70% of their water through what they EAT. They only drink about 30% of the water they need. Dry cat food only has 5-10% water :\ So basically my cats have been somewhat dehydrated for all of these years, which causes……you guessed it, urinary problems. Safe to say I felt like a very shitty pet owner when I read that particular bit. Then there is the whole fact that the dry food is too small for cats to really chew, so they swallow it and their bacteria on their teeth increase, which over years can cause some pretty nasty teeth and breath. Meat, on the other hand, allows them to chew and rip apart the pieces, which in turn flosses their teeth …improving their breath and dental hygiene.

I started transitioning my cats almost a week ago, and safe to say they were pretty suspicious of the meet in their dish the first time I gave it to them. I give them about half dry food and the other half fresh meat, I will eventually transition them all the way once I run out of the current bag of food that they have. They now love having meat in their dish, I try a new meat with them every few days that way I will have a comprehensive list of what they like and what they do not. So far they both LOVE pork, tuna, and salmon. Cheetah likes turkey, Tiger hates it. And they both looked at me like I was crazy when I tried chicken liver, perch, and beef. 🙂


Since I have started I notice that their teeth are starting to improve, their urine does not smell atrocious like it used to, and has increased in volume. They have also had more energy this week, and they have lasted longer between feedings, because they actually feel full when eating the meat.

It does take  bit of planning to transition to a meat diet. I find that I am spending a bit less than I do with the fancy prescription brand, and they are still transitioning, so I will have to check the figures again once they are switched. I have found that prepping a weeks worth of food at a time is ideal for me. I go and buy my pork , tuna, and salmon, and portion them out into small mason jars. then I place most of them in the fridge and only have two at a time in the fridge thawing. they enjoy the meat the best when it is really fresh 🙂

They love their new diet, and I love knowing that I am keeping them healthy and Happy.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments.

Happy Memorial Day!


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