Baby-Step #7- Deoderant

WIN_20150609_173401Pits stink…..let’s face it lol I have been focusing my baby-steps lately on my personal routine, and the next few probably will be too (Spoiler alert: Hair, Makeup, Feminine products, toothbrushes, etc. are all coming soon!) Deodorant is something that we are introduced to around ten years old, and it is an accepted thing that deodorant comes in plastic packaging or in an aerosol canister. Growing up I never heard of any other kind of deodorant, I didn’t know there WERE any other options until a few months ago…..I’m 22yrs old.[insert face-palm here]

Anywho, fast forward to now, and I found an alternative that is natural, and the only packaging is the small bit of cardboard that it comes in. It is an alum stone, which is a natural stone that prevents odor….it doesn’t prevent sweat, just the stinky odor. Regular deodorants are full of harsh chemicals that completely clog your pores under your arms to prevent you from sweating. Considering that sweating is your body’s natural method of both cooling you down, and releasing impurities from your skin…stopping it from happening is not a good thing.

When I first started researching I found a bunch of home-made deodorants that had baking soda and such in them, but people also complained that the baking soda can be a bit rough on the skin. So then I looked for a deodorant that can be purchased, but is not packaged in any plastic whatsoever. The particular brand of alum stone that I bought, OSMA- bloc d’alun,Β is actually advertised as an after-shave of sorts, but it also works as a deodorant.

To use an alum stone, you wet the end with water and gently run under your arms. It doesn’t get clumpy or leave any streaks on your clothing, it goes on clear and doesn’t smell like anything at all. I have been using it exclusively for the past week and I find that it works really well, even after I do a 40 minute workout. I actually (according to my family) don’t smell as bad after my workout with the alum stone compared to regular deodorant. πŸ™‚

I definitely recommend this for anyone who is looking to lessen the plastic and chemicals in their lives.

Have you tried any other deodorants?


4 thoughts on “Baby-Step #7- Deoderant

  1. I’ve been looking into alum stones! It seems like such a great alternative. However, I’m a little bit concerned about the alum. I wonder if the alum is the same as the aluminum found in commercial deodorants or if it is a better kind? Whether it is more or less of a concentration? Part of me says, “Well, as long as it is less than what I use now it should be fine,” whereas the other part of me wants to remove aluminum altogether if it is harmful. I really hope my research favors the alum stone in the end! It looks so waste-free and convenient!


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