Thoughts and frustrations

So, my week has been somewhat frustrating. I finally called the health store that I have been shopping at to see if you can bring your own jars…..and sadly their system isn’t set up properly to allow them to weigh and subtract the tare properly yet. So I will still have to use their paper packaging for meat, etc. On a good note though the butcher normally wraps the meat in a small paper piece to weigh it, then a plastic ziploc, then another piece of butcher paper and a sticker…..I convinced him that I just want the outside paper, no plastic, and he was nice enough to do it for me πŸ™‚

Living with other people can make this lifestyle change difficult…especially when they don’t understand your efforts and are reluctant to change. I have found though that after a year of making weekly trips to the recycling center (and having to sort through all of the recyclables in the garage) that a particular someone finally caved in and is going to call and sign us up for the curbside recycling bin. Even though the “save the earth” speech hasn’t effected the decision, the gas prices and space it takes to sort through the stuff finally won my argument for me πŸ™‚

On the other hand I am still digging into the trash to rescue recyclables that have been carelessly thrown away. But with anything, time and making things a “habit” helps. My brother still calls me a “tree hugging hippie that cares too much”, but he remembered to put the empty milk jug in the recycling box the other day.

Honestly if I lived alone the transition would probably be much easier to being waste free, I would just do a major overhaul within a few months and be done “transitioning”, but the only way to make it work for everyone else is to go slowly with Baby Steps. But we are getting there, slowly, like turtles….but getting there lol

Any change will hit speed bumps, like the jar system mot being ready yet, or having someone bring home sauce packets from a fast food restaurant, but there are small victories. Victories like finally getting a recycling bin, remembering to put the recyclables in recycling instead of the trash, and consciously using both sides of paper before recycling it.

It is a challenge that I relish….it can be frustrating, but it is worth it…especially when you see others watching you and making their own small choices that impact the planet….one piece of packaging at a time πŸ™‚


One thought on “Thoughts and frustrations

  1. I know how you feel! I live with my parents who have no desire or interest in anything environmental. My mom still uses K-cups for goodness sake!


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