Letting go

Around the fifth or sixth car load of stuff headed to donation I started wondering…..how the hell did I get so much stuff??? I always thought that I had a handle on my things, I have the inevitable stash of boxes in the basement for when I get my own place…along with the teacher stuff (i’m certified but without a job as of yet). I will say that I realize that most of my “stuff” was given to me by others. Family members, friends, and retiring teachers have all given me things and I fell into the trap of “someday I will use it”. Now granted, some of the things are great and are a huge bonus that I will not have to buy them for my classroom, but there comes a limit when enough crosses into too much. I passed that limit around 5 boxes ago 🙂

So out goes the ridiculous hoard of kids books….now pared down to 3 boxes. Out goes a bunch of vhs tapes that I will never watch again. Out goes old stuffed animals and such….I only kept the first one I was ever given. I said bye to the rollerblades I haven’t worn in 5 years because they hurt my feet. I have also said goodbye to the phrase “just in case” and “someday”, to holding onto things for the sake of not disappointing the person who gave it to you, and to the fear of letting go.

Here is to a fresh start, and room to breathe 🙂


4 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Hi, Candice. I’m in the bloggers network with you and just started following your blog. LOVE the last three posts, so funny because the post I’m finalizing this week is about the same topic 🙂 I look forward to following your transformatiom…

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