Hitting home

Today has been a crazy day. Has anyone ever asked you “if your house caught fire tomorrow, what would you save?”…..I heard it before and never gave it much thought besides the obvious that the people and pets would come first. You never think that it could actually happen to you or someone you know.

My grandmothers house burnt to the ground this morning….

I found out through facebook (she lives a few states away). Thankfully everyone is okay, and they got the cat out in time…..but everything else, is gone. I can’t even imagine what it feels like to watch all of your possessions burn, I feel so bad.

Since I have begun minimalizing my possessions, I have found that I am less attached to my “things” than I was before. Now really thinking about that question, I would get my family and my animals to safety….if I could I would probably also grab my purse so I had identification…but other then that….almost everything can be replaced. The only thing that really can’t be replaced is family pictures….and now after seeing this happen to a family member, I am making it my personal mission to scan all of our family pictures onto multiple flashdrives so we will still have the images, regardless of what happens to the physical picture album itself.

It really hits home that you shouldn’t place your value into things, but into people, relationships, and memories.


One thought on “Hitting home

  1. Wow, I’m sorry to hear this but glad everyone got out safely. I too have done some scanning of pictures from the pre-iPhone era, just to make sure we have some of them in another format.
    I am always amazed when we are on vacation how little we miss our stuff, and how easy it is to carry on without it.


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