Baby-Step #9 -Eco-friendly PMS

There is one thing that connects every female on the planet…..we all have periods, every month. No one I know really talks about PMS….like it is some sort of taboo state secret or something. Come on ladies, let’s face it, if it weren’t for “that time of the month” NO HUMAN would be ALIVE.

That being said, I am going to go into detail about periods, if you are squeamish then I wouldn’t recommend reading the rest.

If you have gotten this far, congratulations, you must be really interested in having a more environmentally conscious period πŸ™‚

I’ll start off with my PMS story….I started having periods when I was 11 years old. The only things I knew at that point were that 1. Periods hurt…..really bad. 2. Having blood drip out of your nether regions can be really exhausting. And 3. The only options to catch said blood (thatΒ I knew of) were tampons or pads.

I hated tampons with a passion….they were a pain to get in, and then they dried up your hoohah like the Sahara desert. Then somehow you had to get them out after they sucked up any moisture that would help the process along….yuck. So safe to say I decided that pads were the lesser of two evils. They feel like diapers and still make you feel like the Sahara, but at least I didn’t have to pry them out of my vagina.

Fast forward a few years and I found out that my uterus is tilted to one side, which is basically like having a kinked hose inside of you. It makes PMS a nightmare because blood was trying to run through the kinked part, which can be extremely painful. Basically the entire first 24 hours of each period felt like I was dying.

I literally had no clue that there were any other options to PMS up until about six months ago when I found an article on menstrual cups online. Shortly after I found out about reusable pads as well. I was quite skeptical about both options but I figured it would be worth it to try them out. I figured I would save some money and help save nasty pads from going to the landfill.

Buying both the menstrual cup and the reusable pads have been the best decision I have ever made when it comes to PMS. πŸ™‚


Now, let me explain why I use both. For me, with my tilted uterus, the menstrual cup doesn’t sit inside of me thee same way it would sit in a normal vagina. Remember the kinked hose analogy? Well the cup automatically adjusts itself inside of me to where it goes to the kinked part…and it props it open, basically forcibly removing the kink. Since the kinked part is higher up inside of my vagina, there is a bit of my lining that still sheds underneath where the cup sits, hence the pads as well. The cup takes care of 95% and the pad catches the other 5%.

Why don’t I just use the pads then? Well, since the cup props open the kink… completely got rid of ALL of my period cramps and discomfort. That’s right, I said ALL. Yep, no more period cramps for me! If I had known about this sooner I would have bought them years ago.

Alright, let’s talk about the products and care of them. I bought the Diva Cup (for those of you who do not know, it is a silicone cup that you place inside of you to catch the blood as opposed to absorbing it like a tampon would), and it is really easy to care for, each time you take it out you just rinse it and wash it with a very small amount of mild soap. When you are completely finished you just place it back inside of its’ cotton pouch for next time.

I would definitely recommend giving any menstrual cup a trial run before your period, that way you get the hang of getting it in and out. I did a run a few days before and it definitely helped me become comfortable with it. What I love about this product is that it can last for years and it does not absorb the natural moisture down there, which makes PMS very comfortable. When it is in, I don’t even feel it. You do get up close and personal with your own blood, but it isn’t that gruesome haha. Also there is no chance of ever getting toxic shock syndrome, which you can get from having a tampon in for too long, the cup can safely be inside of you for twelve hours without any problems. After that it will probably be full and need to be dumped.

The pads I bought were Luna pads, and I got the organic cotton version in plain white. They are very comfortable to wear, they snap right underneath your underwear. They recommend to rinse them and get most of the blood out before you wash them, the easiest way to do this is to take your little water-proof bag with the used ones into the shower with you and just do a quick rinse before putting them in the washing machine.


I am not going to get into the exact methods for using the menstrual cup or all of the features of the pads, otherwise we would be here all day πŸ™‚ There are plenty of how-to videos for each on youtube which are very informative. I watched probably a dozen of them before actually purchasing mine.

Honestly, both options are very eco-friendly, they can last for years…which saves you time, and money. Also you won’t have to worry about what happens to all of those used pads and tampons that you would have thrown in the trash each month.

Has anyone else tried these products? Would you recommend them? πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Baby-Step #9 -Eco-friendly PMS

  1. I’ve been using washable pads (Cozy Cloth on Etsy) for over a year and I will never, ever go back to disposable. Not only are they more comfortable, have zero cost, better for the environment, they are cute! lol
    But, I have still been using tampons along with them…I have been looking into getting a cup but waited because we’ve been trying to conceive and every month I was hopeful that I wouldn’t need the cup! However, I’ve recently been letting go of that baby dream and think that now would be an excellent time to get a cup. Thanks for sharing your experience!


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