Baby-Step #10-Soap/Bodywash

If you go down the aisles in the “beauty” section of any store, you will see thousands of plastic bottles and tubes. I used to blissfully walk down these aisles to see what sort of soap and body wash I wanted to buy, and what new fragrances there were. Now, I see things differently….I see tons of plastic that is difficult to recycle…..tons of washes with chemicals I cannot even pronounce….and a lot of synthetic fragrance, yuck.

Since switching my lifestyle and trying to attain the goal of zero-waste, I have made a huge change in our bathroom in terms of soap. Instead of buying different liquid pump soaps for your hands, and then a body wash, as well as a different wash for “down there”, I now use bars of soap from Soap Works that are made of vegetable glycerin. I have gone from plastic bottles, to one price sticker per bar of soap (some shopping trips I get lucky and find a bar without a sticker). I love their soaps, I get the hypoallergenic one without fragrance, as well as the aloe vera one for any dry skin.


On a separate note, I tried their shampoo/conditioner bar and found that it wasn’t to my liking. It did get my hair clean but I was left with a really weird texture to my hair that I did not like.

I find that it is easy to make little changes to my routine, and I love using things that can do double duty….so the soap bar for body wash can also be used to wash your face or your hands.

An easy switch that satisfies my need for simplicity as well as my goal of less waste 🙂


7 thoughts on “Baby-Step #10-Soap/Bodywash

  1. This was a nice post to read. I thought I was the only one that did things like this 🙂 I also buy shampoo that doubles as body wash and conditioner that doubles as shaving cream. There is a lot of organic shampoo and conditioners on Etsy! Oh , and I also use organic jojoba oil which I use as face moisturizer, make up remover and body lotion. I have been enjoying your posts..keep it up 🙂

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  2. I buy shampoo and conditioner soap from Lush, which is a great UK store with good ethics. I’ve also decided that, instead of buying stupid plastic souvenirs when on holiday I am going to buy bars of soap. Got a bit obsessed last year and bought soap from the Isles of Mull and Skye when in Scotland – now the smells remind me of that holiday!

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  3. I love it when people are able to condense everything to one bar of soap. I haven’t reached that yet! I have a shampoo bar, which I just realized I could use as a body bar as well (duh!), and separate shaving soap because I don’t trust myself with the safety razor yet. I’m going to give oil-washing a go for my face. Isn’t it nice not having to stare at plastic and labels in our showers anymore?


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