Less Stuff= Less Cleaning= Less stress= More Freedom


“Life is too short to waste fussing over stuff”

Take a minute and think about everything you own…..everything, even the little knick-knacks that currently occupy your “junk” drawer….now think about if you could take a pad and pencil and list everything you own, EVERYTHING, down to that random t-shirt from high school that doesn’t fit anymore….stressed out yet?

I have always considered myself to be a “neat” person, I just simply had a lot of stuff, it was always clean, but it was all always just…there…

In the closet, in the drawers of my dresser, in a box underneath the bed, on the many bookshelves that lined my room, on the walls, hanging on doorknobs, etc.

Statistics have stated that we use about 20% of our stuff 80% of the time. What the heck are we keeping the other 80% around for then?

just in case

What if…

It would be great if..

I’ll need it (insert timeframe here)

(insert emotional guilt trip here)

In the meantime, between now and whenever you happen to pull it out again, it just sits there. taking up valuable space both physically and mentally, it also takes time, because lord knows you have to take the time to either store it or keep cleaning the thing. It used to take me 45 minutes to deep-clean my room…….almost an HOUR just to make sure all mu “stuff” was organized and dust-free. Talk about a time waster.

Now, well now…..it only takes about ten minutes to clean my room. I didn’t store the stuff or organize it to perfection…..I simply got rid of the unnecessary clutter that I do not use on a regular basis. That’s right, I got rid of it, mostly through donation. And you know what?


It actually feels….good 🙂 I have empty spaces now, on my dresser, in my closet, the box under my bed is even gone, which in turn makes everything easier to clean. Nothing is crowded anymore, everything can breathe and have its own space.

I have a whole new outlook when I am shopping now too, the first thing I ask myself is, do I really want to have to clean this?? Haha it stops most things from entering my shopping cart. And as always…

” Does it add value to my life?”

Yes…it stays.

No…it goes.


3 thoughts on “Less Stuff= Less Cleaning= Less stress= More Freedom

  1. I like your ideas on the questions to ask when shopping. For me, sometimes it’s more important to ask those questions when there are freebies or giveaways or free items being handed out. Those are just so easy to grab and take home… but then I get home and wonder “why did I even take this?!?”

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    1. Freebies are so sneaky! They are the ninjas of clutter, they somehow sneak into our bags and homes, and then when you declutter you are always like “where in the world did this come from?” haha

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