Baby-Step #11- Ditching the tissues

I don’t know about you, but when I get the sniffles it can last for days. Days of a drippy nose and piles of used tissues. Facial tissues are made from paper….so every time I would wipe my nose it would be with the dead carcass of a tree, not to mention the cardboard box (trees again) and plastic wrappers they occasionally have around them.

In other posts I have talked about my recent purges of clothes, etc. I found an old cotton t-shirt and a pair of shorts that I was going to donate, and I decided to make handkerchiefs out of them instead. They are not the prettiest things in the world, but they are blue, which is great because I just throw them in with my load of darker colors each week.

I figure by the end of my lifetime I will have saved quite a few trees just by using my home-made hankies instead of paper tissues. Honestly, you don’t even have to go out and buy “real” hankies if you don’t want to….just take those old worn out cloth shorts, or t-shirt, or towel that has seen better days and cut it into square-ish shapes (mine are sort of symmetrical lol). I store mine in a wood box that my mother painted that was originally for covering up regular tissue boxes. It is one of the few remaining items that I allow to stay on top of my dresser.


One less thing in the trash, and I also get the side perk of not having to spend money on tissues each month 🙂

On a side note, I also have been researching and trying out different types of recycled toliet paper (I don’t see the point in cutting down a tree just to wipe my behind), more on that later 🙂


6 thoughts on “Baby-Step #11- Ditching the tissues

  1. I have always used washcloths to blow my nose ever since I was little! I find my nose gets less chapped from wiping. I have been using reusable toilet paper on and off again for a while, but have not committed fully yet. I bought flannel sheets at the Thrift store and cut them into squares and zig zag sewed the edges so they do not fray as much. I actually like the cloth toilet paper. I keep a box of it in the bathroom and a covered bucket to put the used cloth squares in. I have however switched to compression fit cloth pantie liners but still use disposable feminine hygiene for the main time of the month : ) Awesome job on the cloth hankies!!!! I love the box and idea!

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  2. Great idea for the hankies! I had a cute wooden tissue box from the thrift store. I had some mismatched socks that were lightly used and I cut them into hanky squares. One was a zebra pattern, another Alice In Wonderland, etc. I nailed a ziplock to the inside of the wooden box and folded the hankies inside. Again, I couldn’t have come up with such ingenuity on my own! Thanks.

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