Baby-Step #12- Purging my purse

I finally did it……I went through the incredibly large stack of bags/purses that I had and purged. I now have a lot more closet space, and it got me thinking about purses in general. I don’t know about you, but I used to carry around a purse that was wider than I am, thinking that sometime during the day I might need all of the ridiculous things that were in there. Seriously, people joked that I was Mary Poppins, because chances are if someone asked, I probably had it in my purse 🙂

I had everything from PMS stuff to aspirin, even a small first aid kit. I was over-prepared to say the least. Since starting my journey to zero-waste and minimalism I now question my need to carry around all of that stuff. Men don’t carry that much stuff everyday and they do just fine, I figured if they can be minimalist with their wallets, then why can’t I? I decided to purge all of my larger purses/bags, except for 1 beach tote. I now have only 2 purses, one for most of the month (which is really a clutch as opposed to a purse) and one for the week I PMS (I need the extra room for my pads, etc.)

The clutch holds what I now know are my essentials, your essentials might be different, and that is totally okay. It now holds:

My “wallet” which is really a tiny makeup bag

A nail file & clippers

A small pen & pencil

A hankie

1 compact mirror

Lip balm

2 hair ties

I am also hoping to purchase a bamboo comb which will fit inside the clutch


I also have giant prescription sunglasses that I carry in my car because they are too big for the clutch. I carry a glass water bottle in my car as well to prevent the use of plastics while I am out. Then of course when it is needed I have a small bag with my PMS essentials as well. If you  are wondering I also keep a reusable bag in my car just in case it is needed 🙂

I honestly only thought I would last a week or so using such a small bag, but surprisingly, it is great! I love having a smaller purse to look after, it saves space and I don’t have to go looking for something at the bottom of the “dark abyss” as I used to call it. I think it will be a permanent change for me.

If you are reading this thinking that it is quite impossible to live without your giant purse, just try it for a week, all the men out there do it with just a wallet and they survive. Try it out and see if it works for you 🙂


3 thoughts on “Baby-Step #12- Purging my purse

  1. Woohoo! I did that not too long ago, myself. I always wondered how baby diapers, colored pencils, socks, and sodas ended up in my purse 🙂 Now I just have a small purse that carries my wallet, phone, and lipgloss. Done! And I survive just fine lol

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  2. This is a great post! So many women would be lucky to read this and learn from you, hopefully adopting this in their own lives. I donated 90% of my purses and those darn reusable bags you buy at the store but always leave at home (keeping only the ones I love, of course). It’s so much better and so much more practical!! I bought a more timeless bag and invested a tiny bit more and couldn’t be happier. I see myself having it for 30 years and my kids saying, MOM, YOUVE HAD THAT BAG FOREVER! Loved reading this!

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