Baby-Step #13- Sustainable purchases

WIN_20150609_173614This is a picture of our Tupperware drawer. It is full of plastics, and it isn’t even the plastic that bothers me the most……it is the fact that it excessively difficult to match any lid with its proper container. This drawer used to be full to the brim of mismatched food storage containers and lids that didn’t have matches because nobody had purged the drawer in almost ten years. If you want something done right, or even just done, you usually have to do it yourself.

I started by purging all of the random pieces and this is what was left. My family is adamant that they are going to keep their Tupperware, so this is now their own drawer. I have commandeered a shelf in one of the cupboards for my own food storage. WIN_20150609_172207I no longer use plastic food containers…I instead bought two different colored sets of mason jars, and a small jelly set for keeping sauces and such. The two colors are blue and purple. They are glass jars with metal lids…that are interchangeable for ALL of the jars, no more hunting for lids for me! I keep my dry snacks in the purple jars, and any meats or wet stuff in my blue jars. The jars were pretty inexpensive as well, they were about $11.00 for 6 jars. While I was at it, I also bought a few glass bowls with lids and a metal lunchbot container to carry my lunch items in.

WIN_20150609_173642I figured that I had better start myself out on the right foot and buy quality items now, that I will be able to use for years to come, instead of plastic items that are bad for the planet and that start deteriorating within a year.

I have made a few other sustainable purchases in the past month as well. I bought a bamboo hairbrush and makeup brushes (I used to buy 2-3 plastic ones per year because they broke easily). I also bought a set of 4 compostable toothbrushes instead of buying a new plastic one. I purchased both a menstrual cup and reusable cotton pads.


Aspiring to be both Zero-Waste and minimalist, these purchases have enabled me to simplify my daily routine into one that is sustainable. Some of the purchases were more of an investment than others, but they will pay for themselves in the long run because I will not be using any more money to pay for their disposable, cheap, plastic counterparts.

Investing for a more sustainable future, one step at a time 🙂


8 thoughts on “Baby-Step #13- Sustainable purchases

  1. Great purchases! I, too, switched over to mason jars and couldn’t be happier! They look so much better and I don’t mind carrying the extra weight around because each clink and clank reminds me of my conscious living. Good luck with the rest of your changes! I’m sure they’ll be wonderful!

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    1. In our household we now use the glass jars, and they don’t really use the plastic ones that much anymore, but are still unwilling to get rid of them. Everything takes time 🙂


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