Baby-Step #15- My face routine

Face care….at the store there is usually a whole half of an aisle dedicated to different products to wash, moisturize, tone, de-wrinkle, and scrub your poor skin. Why do we need so many? Half of which do not work anyway?

I am going to be completely honest with you, I struggled with severe acne for over 6 years. I tried every product and wash on the market, I even had prescription washes and medicines….none of them worked. Not One.

A few years ago I stumbled across a few articles about how acne can be related to food intolerances and allergies. Fast forward through a year of experimenting with my diet, and I found that I have severe problems with both grains and dairy. When I cut these out of my diet, voila` my skin improves and completely clears.

Once I got rid of the acne through a diet overhaul (more on that coming in another post), I found that there was no point in buying face-wash anymore because it just strips the natural oils off of your skin, and to combat that your skin makes more oils. It is also full of harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin. Besides that, all of the washes with the micro-beads are awful for the environment, the beads are made out of plastic that contaminates our water system. Who came up with the dumb idea that we should wash our faces with plastic? I want to know so I can go give them a piece of my mind.

So I now just gently rub a damp washcloth over my face twice a day. That is the extent of my “washing”. Simple, straight-forward, and doesn’t cost me anything except for the miniscule amount of water used.

As for the “moisturizer” component, I have a mixture of grapeseed oil and castor oil that I rub on my face each day. It sits in an old glass spice jar on my dresser. The oils have been great for my face, especially since I tend to get dry skin in the summertime. If I get really dry, I might add some argon oil on my face before bed, but that is it.

Before: skin-care-aisleAfter:



5 thoughts on “Baby-Step #15- My face routine

  1. I know right!? Companies just want to make money and they keep making stuff that don’t work. Our bodies never need any chemicals. It knows how to cleanse itsself if you eat properly. Love your posts!

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