Today’s purge :)

Purging is something that is not done in one session, it is a process that continues throughout your life. I have personally found it helpful to have one box or bag that serves as a permanent “donation box”, that way whenever you decide to let something go, you have a place to put it immediately. If you have someplace designated for your donations, then it nixes that nasty habit of putting it in a random place “for now”, then just forgetting about it. I like to keep a donation bin in our front closet, right inside of our front door. Having it close to the door reminds me that when it is full I need to take it OUT said door, to the donation center.

I have done a few major purges already, so the bulk of my excess stuff is already gone, now it is just smaller things that catch my attention. As a rule for myself I make sure to scan all of my possessions once a week and cull anything that isn’t useful or beautiful, and sometimes even if it is beautiful it might be difficult to clean…those tend to get discarded as well simply because it is complicated to care for them.

Today is a scanning day, and I have found some things that I have reevaluated since my last purge, and I have decided to let them go.

So, in my donation box today is…..

WIN_20150723_0957011. 3 paper lanterns that I used to love and use daily, but haven’t been used in a few years.

2. A small box of unnecessary makeup, nail polish, and a manicure cuticle thingy that I have never used.

3. The 2 pairs of shoes that I blogged about yesterday….they have been used and loved, but are no longer useful to ME.

4. Two scarves that I used to wear a lot, but that no longer fit my style, or my wardrobe.


2 thoughts on “Today’s purge :)

  1. Great job! Those are excellent selections and you are so brave. Many people would look at those things and take on the attitude of “what’s wrong with them” instead of thinking like you and wondering how they add beauty and value to your life. SO happy for you! Keep going!!

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