Baby-Step #17- Reusable bags #mybag

Happy Friday! I just wanted to do a quick post about reusable shopping bags. In California right now they are fighting to ban plastic bags throughout the entire state, which is extremely exciting! To show my support I am going to show you my bags….well technically it is a bag and a wicker basket that I take to the farmers market 🙂

WIN_20150724_120334My kitty decided to get in on the action. The larger bag is a very sturdy canvas bag that I got as a gift years ago and I love it!

Plastic bags are harmful both inside of landfills, and especially if they find their way into marine life because animals can get caught in them. I no longer use plastic bags, I always bring my own bag and the great part is that most stores will discount your purchase total by about 15 cents or so for each bag you bring in yourself.

Now it is your turn:

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If you have already been tagged, then oops my bad 🙂

Please post a picture of yourself with your reusable shopping bag, tag three Zero Waste Bloggers, link back to the person who tagged you and make sure to include #MyBag in your pictures meta data and in your blogpost


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