Baby-Step #18- Nail Polish

Nail polish…..

I used to have about 30 bottles of nail polish.

I used them religiously in middle school, because I was bored and didn’t have a ton of extracurricular activities.

I used them sporadically in High school, because they would chip more frequently with my art classes.

In college, I wore nail polish maybe 2 days out of every 6 months, I had no spare time at all.

In the summer I don’t wear it at all because swimming takes it right off.


In the past 6 months, I haven’t touched my nail polish at all.

I have become too lazy to take the time to do it.

Whatever you put on, you have to take off (similar to my make-up post)

I just can’t be bothered anymore.

And I am perfectly okay with that 🙂


As you can see my nails are rather tough and grow incredibly long on their own. I just let them grow until they break, then I trim it and move on. I’m pretty low maintenance like that. Besides that, the polish only lasts about a day before it chips and gets gross…I always get oil paints on my hands and arms too when I am working on a new painting, which doesn’t go well with a manicure haha.

My nails just seem a lot healthier without nail polish, so I am letting go of what polish I have left, and keeping them bare. It simplifies my routine, frees up drawer space, saves me some money, and produces no waste when you do not buy it in the first place.

My only nail routine now is rubbing coconut oil on them when I use it as lotion.

Pretty simple, just the way I like it 🙂


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