What’s in the donation box this week :)

I did a post last week on what was in my donation box, and I emptied it and took it to the goodwill. It is full again! Purging and decluttering are definitely ongoing processes for me. So here is a peek in this weeks box…enjoy 🙂




2 little make-up sized bags. I have a few others, and I no longer use these.

A small sleeping bag that I used to use for stuffed animals and Barbies, but now has no practical use.

2 sets of tall candles, they are duplicates that I do not plan on using.

A random shoestring, I have no idea why I have one random shoestring, but there it is.

3 random fake tattoos…..yeah, I have no defense for that.

A picture frame that I no longer use…

Shorts that are too big 🙂

A baby blanket that I do not like…

A duffle bag that is not used…

A bed skirt….for as long as I have had my queen sized bed, I have never used this thing because it is a dust collector and a pain in the butt to put on and take off, so off it goes…

A plastic zipper storage bag….

And last, but not least, 3 books I do not plan on ever reading again 🙂

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my decluttering effort!



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