Baby-Step #20- Glass Jars

Hi everyone, it has been a really busy week, I just started my own you tube channel 🙂 I wanted another platform to be able to share about zero-waste and minimalism, so I finally took the plunge.

This baby step is all about Glass jars. Glass is a very durable material that can withstand the cold and hot temperatures, such as in the microwave or freezer, even better than Ziploc baggies.I use jars for just about all of my food needs now, they have replaced cling wrap, plastic zip bags, plastic Tupperware, plastic water bottles, and plastic to-go containers. Glass is also easily recyclable and reusable, plastic options are not very recyclable or reusable. Glass can be melted and turned into another piece of glass, it does not loose its quality, where plastic is always downcycled.


I have 2 separate colors of mason jars, the purple ones are for dry snacks, and the blue ones I use in the fridge and freezer to hold meats. I also have small ones to hold sauces and such.

What is awesome about the mason jars is that all of the lids are interchangeable, so I do not have to go searching for matching lids for each size jar.

I talk about jars more in my youtube video…check it out 🙂


5 thoughts on “Baby-Step #20- Glass Jars

  1. Great baby step! I ran out of Ziploc bags about 4 months ago and just never replaced them in order to force myself to use the Tupperware I already have. When that wears out (or gets lost… cuz let’s face it, Tupperware always gets lost) I’ll transition to glass!

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