10 things to purge to kickstart decluttering

Today I wanted to try a different approach to my post. I like reading posts where the author gives specifics on exactly what to do/try, so I decided to give it a whirl.

Here are 10 things to get rid of that will kick start your move into decluttering and minimalism…

1.Old formal/prom/wedding dresses….if you are anything like me you kept your prom dress thinking that maybe, someday, you would wear it for Halloween or something. When I finally went through my wardrobe I found a dress from the 8th grade, only wore it once. A special note on wedding dresses, it takes up a ton of space, it will not be in style once your future daughter is of age, and someone else could use that dress for their own wedding, and think of how much it will make a bride’s day to find a wedding dress under budget in a consignment shop or donation center…….let it go πŸ™‚

2.Fancy shoes only worn once (probably with the aforementioned dress)…Same goes for the shoes that have been worn once. I kept my prom shoes for 5 years, when they were so uncomfortable that I didn’t even wear them the whole night at prom, but opted to go barefoot. If they aren’t comfortable, or are some obnoxious color that goes with nothing that you own, let them move on to a better home with someone who will love them.

3.Old perfumes, lotions, and all around smelly stuff… Yes it might be in a pretty bottle, yes it might have been a gift. But honestly, do you wear it? If the answer is no, then off it goes. You can always give it to that one friend who goes through about 10 bottles of perfume a year. And really, who enjoys dusting those things?

4. Half used bathroom salts/scrubs/washes/wipes/etc… If you don’t like it or use it, let it go and take back some of your closet space πŸ™‚

5.Expired medicine/first-aid stuff… If it expired, then it is no longer for you to use. Minimize your first-aid kit to the essentials yo avoid having things expire before you use them.

6. Expired food items…You probably don’t think you have any, and if you are an organizing genius you probably don’t, but for the rest of us mere mortals, chances are that there is something back in the deep dark corners of your pantry or fridge that just need to go. Find them and set them free, your health will thank you. Make note of what it is too, so you don’t waste money buying too much of it again. Win, win πŸ™‚

7.Kids toys/stuffed animsla/barbies, etc…especially if you are an adult, who doesn’t have kids, but has boxes of stuff from childhood. They would be better off being somehwere with kids where they will be used and enjoyed. I had a giant barbie house that I kept and I eventually gave it to a church where a bunch of kids can play with it every weekend. I did keep 1 stuffed animal as a memento, but the others I let go, and I feel good that other kids will be able to play with them.

8. Old pet stuff.. I recently went through parts of our basement and found dog stuff that we don’t use. Our dog died years ago, and yet for some reason we kept the cage, brushes, dishes, toys, etc. We don’t plan on getting another dog, at least not for a few years, so there is no point in keeping these things. I use this rule “If it is less than $20 to replace, and you are not going to use it for the foreseeable future, let it go”.

9.Kitchen duplicates…No one is ever going to use 3 spatulas or 7 ice-cube trays or 8 baking dishes at a time. Pick your favorites, and let the rest be useful to someone else.

10. 1 hit wonder gadgets… you know what I am talking about, all of the apple corers, grilled cheese machines, head massagers, bump-its, and random gifts that people buy but never use on a regular basis. most of them are usually gifts that somehow make their way into the junk drawer or back corners of your cabinets. If they are not regularly used, or too bulky to clean, let it go.

Think of it this way…all of the things in your homes are renting space, if they aren’t being useful then in essence they are not paying their rent and should be justly evicted. Don’t let those unused items mooch off of your space for free!

Now that all of those items are out of the way you should feel a little bit lighter, a little bit cleaner, and ready to tackle harder decluttering projects. Good luck!


6 thoughts on “10 things to purge to kickstart decluttering

  1. Yes! For me the hardest thing is throwing out unused things because it is a ‘waste’. The other day I finally threw out a bottle of face mask gunk. I’d been trying to use it up for years. I’d been forcing myself to use it just so it wouldn’t be wasted. I finally gave in and admitted that it doesn’t help my skin at all and I don’t enjoy using it, so what’s more of a waste: chucking it, or keeping it around for another year?

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  2. I am so with you on this! This is actually how I have been purging my stuff! I made a list of quadrants or areas of my home needing purging and systematically started tackling each area! I love that you are doing it too so I do not feel so alone in my new journey to a lighter life with less stuff!

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    1. It makes it soo much easier when you separate it into categories and go through one at a time. I think it is awesome that so many other people are transitioning to a fuller life with less stuff πŸ™‚

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