5 Easy swaps for the Zero-Waste beginner

So you have heard a bit about zero-waste, you want to give it a shot, but you have no idea where to begin! Bathroom, bedroom, groceries, simplifying, decluttering, composting?!

It can all be a bit overwhelming…but I am here to help. Here are 5 easy swaps to get your feet wet in the world of zero-wasting:


1. Glass Waterbottles v. plastic- The first switch I ever made was ditching the plastic waterbottles, and buying a cute glass one to take with me everywhere. It is really convenient, because I can fill it up anywhere, and I never have to stop to get something to drink.


2. Reusable bags v. plastic- Reusable bags are something that people tend to forget to take with them, I always keep my sturdy canvas tote on the door handle to my room (making it easy to grab on my way out). You can also keep one in your glove box in your car, or on your coat hook inside the front door. The more you get used to having it with you, the easier it is to remember to bring it every time you go shopping. Once you have a regular reusable bag down, then you can always go one step further and take bags for produce or bulk items as well 🙂


3. Bamboo toothbrush v. plastic- The average person throws away 3-4 toothbrushes a year, switching to bamboo is easy, and it is compostable. For a recipe for home-made toothpaste click here.

4. Cloth rags v. paper towels- swap out those disposable towels for some sturdy cloth rags, easily washable, and readily available (just cut up a few old bath towels, you know, the ones that are over 5 years old and have had better days).


5. Hankies v. tissues- This one grosses people out for some reason, but our grandparents used them all the time….hankies! You can buy a package of cotton ones, borrow some from your grandfather, or cut up an old cotton shirt to make your own. Easy to use, and easy to wash 🙂 For more on hankies click here.

Once you have mastered these, then move on to bigger things like grocery shopping, sustainable purchases, eco-friendly pms, or laundry.

One step at a time, good luck with your journey!


6 thoughts on “5 Easy swaps for the Zero-Waste beginner

  1. I understand glass over plastic water bottles, but what about bottles like Klean Kanteen? How would you compare those to glass? Also, I hesitate with the cloth napkins because where I live, we’re in a drought… so I’m still not sure if it’s better to use more water or take up more landfill space. I need to look into that more!

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    1. Stainless steel canteens are also completely recyclable the same way that glass is completely recyclable. I personally only use glass because I don’t like the taste of water in the metal bottles, I prefer the taste from the glass bottles 🙂 I like cloth napkins better because most of us only use paper towels once before trashing them, where I can use a cloth rag for a whole day or two before washing it. I always wash mine with my towels, so it isn’t a separate load of water.

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  2. These are all great tips! I haven’t heard about bamboo toothbrushes until you found me for the 20 Questions Minimalist Style Series. I didn’t know they could be composted! That’s brilliant! I will be making the switch!


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