Marie Kondo and Knick-Knacks

I will admit, I used to be the random knick-knack queen. It all started with my grandma getting me a small bear figurine when I was about 6 for my birthday…then after that, every year someone would get me a random figurine for my birthday. (I honestly didn’t really enjoy them, but I was a kid, and didn’t have a lot of control over my stuff). Years later, I had accumulated picture frames of all shapes and sizes, lots and LOTS of figurines, and just random decorations that would sit on my bookshelves and get dusty. A few months ago I decided enough is enough, I hate dusting all of that stuff, and they just took up space.

I went through and Marie Kondo’ed it all. I put them all together and only picked out the ones that I truly enjoyed. Out of maybe 50-60 pieces, I kept less than 10. It is such a breath of fresh air to not have to dust so many tchotchkes. And I kept the ones made out of glass or wood, that way when they finish their lives with me, they will eventually be recycled.

Check out what I have left:

WIN_20150830_135341A unscented candle

A reading figurine (so cute, and I am a book enthusiast, so it totally fits me)

3 tall blue glass jars

1 glass figurine

A glass tiger head

How many figurines/decorations have you kept?


3 thoughts on “Marie Kondo and Knick-Knacks

  1. Oh good golly I have so much further to go. I have about thirty cameras on display and I am keeping one bookcase of ornaments. This means I had boxes and boxes and boxes or ornaments that I have already gotten rid of. I am giving some away to friends and selling some at garage sales and hoping to find buyers for the specialty items. The rest will be donated to the MCC Thrift store in my area. I already went through my books and have only four boxes left (less than the original shelf full I had). I got rid of half of my Christmas decorations and I am getting rid of my bin of wrapping paper. I went through my jewelry and got rid of enough items that everything fits in a drawer. It is endless! I am so glad we can declutter and purge together! You inspire me!

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      1. Thanks! I used to live in an (almost 420 sqft) tiny home and slowly as my space grew so did my possessions! I am going to be moving to a small to almost tiny house situation again and I need to dramatically downsize. This is a very exciting adventure and a learning experience for my soul! I love your posts!


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