Minimalism isn’t about the numbers :)

I’ve heard a lot of discussion on this topic lately, and thought I would throw in my two cents. I personally have never counted the number of possessions that I own, and  I never will. I do not see the point in it, unless you are a very goal oriented person and have a reason for wanting only 100 items, etc.

For me, minimalism is about having just what I need, or brings me joy, that is it. I cut the excess, and am left with what I truly use and love.

That’s it.

There is no magic number of items to have to qualify as a minimalist. You also don’t have to have white walls and furniture to qualify either….I have bedroom walls that are a bold bright turquoise, and I love them.

I think that people get hung up on the numbers, when it is all about the journey to finding the amount that is “just right” for you. Your “just right” isn’t going to look like mine, or anyone elses. It will be just right for YOU.

My “just right” includes a food processor, a bookshelf full of books, and a Tom & Jerry VHS. Yours might include a  comic book collection, old radio equipment, and a shoe-box of photographs, and that is Okay.

There is no right or wrong way to do minimalism, it is about finding YOUR balance, and letting go of the distractions.

So if you find joy in counting every last thing you own, go for it. I know doing that would drive me nuts, so it is not in the cards for me.

Find your “just right” Goldilocks, and have fun along the way 🙂


6 thoughts on “Minimalism isn’t about the numbers :)

  1. So true! When we first started our minimalism simplified life journey (now that is a mouthful!) several years ago, we occasionally would read articles/blogs mentioning an actual number to achieve. We love the concept of less stuff leading to less distractions and mess but limiting our belongings to 100 personal items including clothing was just unrealistic and kind of turned us off of minimalism . Some of the simplifying “rules” were too time-consuming (like making our own soap, not that I tried). Zero-waste also seemed undoable when bulk purchasing is an hour away – what about the “waste” of the round trip drive?? What if we just consumed less?? We had to find our own “just right”.

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    1. Exactly, for me I normally shop the perimeter of grocery stores…and I try to minimize my packaging as much as humanly possible but I am not going to freak out over a produce sticker or two. Finding a balance is key 🙂

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