Minimalism makes staying organized easy!

Hey guys, Since starting my minimalist journey, I have realized that it is a LOT easier to stay organized. Before I purged, I would have piles of things on my desk, tons of bottles on my dresser, and things everywhere. It was hard to stay organized, because it was extremely tempting to leave whatever I was holding with the piles that already existed, piles are tricksters…you start with one paper and before you know it there is a whole party going on on top of your kitchen table.

Now that I have only what I love and what is useful to me, I have more room, I no longer have to play tetris to try and fit something into one of my drawers or onto my bookshelf. There is now room to spare. Since everything fits within my drawers and shelves, I no longer have cluttered surfaces. My flat surfaces are clean all of the time now unless I am specifically using them.

Being minimalist, means that everything I own has it’s own home, and that makes it really easy to put it back where it belongs when I am finished with it. As a result I know where EVERYTHING is, at all times. If someone needs a battery I can direct them to where it is within my room without having to get up off of the couch.

No longer do I have to wonder where I put something, my keys are never lost, and I can easily grab everything I need for the day and leave my room in under five minutes.

This is bliss 🙂 It has relieved so much stress, and it has maximized my time, my room is a very joyful place to be now thanks to minimalism. Check out a few photos of how I have things organized:

WIN_20150906_091945 WIN_20150906_092038 WIN_20150906_092129 WIN_20150906_092209 WIN_20150906_092258 WIN_20150906_092336


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