Zero Waste Week-Reuse

This week is Zero-Waste week, and the theme is Reuse. Reusing any item extends its usefulness an life. This week I have been helping my brother finish up his last math exams for homeschooling, and with math comes a lot of use of scrap paper. Normally I would use lined paper, or blank sheets of printer paper to do the work on.

In the spirit of Zero-Waste week, we found an old book of graph paper in with his school supplies, and we realized that the graph paper had a few graphs in it, but other than that it was mostly empty. Normally I would have given it to someone else that I know would use it, or if it wasn’t wanted I would have recycled it, given that we are never going to have any use for graph paper. But since we were finishing math problems, we used the graph paper as our scratch paper, instead of using new sheets of printer paper, etc.


Remember to always use the 6 R’s in order to maximize the usefulness of your things!

  1. Refuse- anything that isn’t needed.
  2. Reduce- what you need to the basics
  3. Reuse- the items you do purchase
  4. Repair-anything that is broken/mendable
  5. Recycle- anything that cannot be reduced, reused, or repaired.
  6. Rot- what is left over: food scraps, etc.

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