Minimalists, Don’t forget to check Grandma’s basement….

Well I finally made it, I now have the perfect amount of things for me, nothing more, nothing less. I found my “just right”Aviary Photo_130857930535594767

Or at least I thought I did, then I found out my grandmother has been holding onto things of mine for the past twenty years. Oy vey. So now I have to go and sort through what she has and donate most of it. So far I know she kept my old crib…my old kitchen set….sleds…my old bikes…and a safety gate. Her logic for holding to them for so long….”I thought you might save them for your kids someday.”


Just no.

Sorry grandma, but I have no intention of holding onto and hauling around items for years without them having a specific useful purpose in the present…..not the murky future that may or may not happen.

Space has value, and quite frankly a twenty-some year old crib is not worth the space it is taking up.

So I am going to her house and unloading her space, and unloading myself in the process. Without these items I will finally feel like I have that “just right” amount of things for me. And hopefully she will appreciate the extra space she will get from them being removed from her basement.

Saying goodbye to childhood items used to be wrenching, but once you realize that it is the memories that count, and not the item….it is freeing to be able to let things go to find new homes or to a new use. I do not need to hold onto the physical objects, like the sleds and kitchen set…I am content with my memories of playing in the snow and making pretend cakes to serve in my restaurant…the rest is history.

A tip for those of you leaning towards minimalism….go to your parents and grandparents homes, you might find that you have more possessions than you thought 😉

Up until recently I didn’t know how to know when I finally would have the “right” amount of things for me. Knowing when it is the right amount is surprisingly simple…when there is nothing that seems excessive, and everything is being used or loved, something just clicks, and it feels right. It feels like you have things out together, and it doesn’t feel like anything is hanging over your head. I honestly could still simplify if I felt like it, there are a few things that I am on the fence about, but for the first time ever I feel completely at ease with my surroundings. No unnecessary stress, No unnecessary clutter, it just feels Simple and Easy.

Just the way I like it.


One thought on “Minimalists, Don’t forget to check Grandma’s basement….

  1. When moving out, I made a few decluttering-sessions when back at my parents’ place during holidays. I found that even though I put a lot of items on the ‘get-rid’-pile, I find my mum pulling it back out. I told her if she wants to keep hold on it, it’s her responsibility. Gladly, I was allowed to ditch a lot of things, and I really can’t blame her for holding onto some stuff. I’ve only just recently realised that the majority of these items mean next to nothing to me. I’m just glad it’s not ‘my stuff’ anymore that I one day will have to move to my flat!


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