Minimalism in other ways…

Most of the time when you think of minimalism, you picture bare white walls, minimal furniture, and an absence of clutter. Most of the focus of minimalism I believe has been on possessions, or out tangible “stuff”, that we own.

This focus is great, especially for those who are just starting to venture into minimalism. I always wondered if there was more though…..then I applied minimalism in other ways.

Minimalism now covers not only my possessions, but my social life, my daily routine, my diet, my hobbies, and eventually I would like to have it apply to my job as well( still working on that one).

Minimalism in my social life involves having at least one night a week to myself, for me to enjoy my own company and recharge. It has also involved social media, I realized that I was “friends” with tons of people that I never even talk to, so I let go of the excess. I would go on a social media hiatus all together, but it keeps me in touch with people that I talk to frequently, so it is useful for me.

In my daily routine, I have minimalized my cleaning supplies, my products, makeup, clothes, etc. This has freed up time during the day that I would have spent looking for things or using a million different products. I also have many things that can work double-duty, like coconut oil….which can be used for cooking, lotion, toothpaste, and conditioner to name a few 🙂

WIN_20150609_173702My diet….this was a big one. It did not happen overnight, in fact it took almost two years of experimenting to find out what worked for me. As some of you already know, I have food intolerances to grains and dairy products, which started my food minimalism by default. But since finding out about those intolerances I have embraced finding a diet that works right for me. Right now it is a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meat. I avoid processed and packaged foods (trying to be more zero-waste), which limits my options to the fresh foods. The fresh foods are the best for you anyway, so it all worked out.

Hobbies….I used to have a million hobbies, and it wasn’t bringing me joy. So I condensed and now have less than a handful of hobbies that I do regularly.WIN_20150621_204106


Jobs….this one hasn’t been minimized yet, I currently have myself involved with four different “jobs”, all part time, and none able to pay the bills alone. So this is the one part of my life that has not enjoyed the benefits of minimalism yet.

Minimalism is more than just having a few possessions, it is about culling the excess in your life that is not bringing you joy or satisfaction, and keeping only what makes you happy.

Are there any other areas in which you have used minimalism?


6 thoughts on “Minimalism in other ways…

  1. This is so true! Kudos to you! I’ve made great strides towards a minimalist lifestyle in terms of possessions, but other areas in my life require some “uncluttering” as well. I have reduced some of my hobbies though! Also, your posts have actually made me more conscious of the waste in packaging and all the things I throw away on a daily basis..I caught myself looking at glass water bottles the other day, and I’ve caught myself avoiding things with a lot of packaging lately haha!

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