Minimalism, Zero-Waste, and my hobbies :)

I got a request recently to do a post on my hobbies. I used to have a lot of hobbies, and since I had so many I ended up giving each one a very small amount of attention. Since starting my minimalist journey I have only kept the hobbies that truly bring me joy. Here they are:

  1. Painting/drawing etc. I have been making art since I was a kid, and as I grew up I kept working on pieces, but the other hobbies I had took away from the time and motivation I needed to create my pieces. Since minimizing, I now have the motivation to sit down with my sketchbook and draw a portrait, or paint a landscape, etc…..creating is very relaxing for me and it lets me escape from anything that is bothering me. The end results of painting and sketching are pretty great, but if you saw me during the process everything looks like a hot mess, including me…by the time I am done I have streaks of pencil and paint in random places, and I find random bits for days afterwards. I also color in coloring books when I babysit, so for those of you who are less artistically inclined, but enjoy coloring, go grab an adult coloring book from Barnes and Noble and go for it.

Now I know that painting and sketching are in no way Zero-waste hobbies, there are paints and tubes and brushes, pencils, etc. But this hobby is a part of my life and I do not see myself letting it go anytime in the next eighty years or so. I aspire to Zero-waste, but for me this particular hobby is my exception to the rule. I suppose in the future I might try my hand at making my own paints and such, but I currently don’t have the time.


2. Playing the piano- This hobby is Zero-waste friendly. I took piano lessons when I was in elementary school, just enough to be able to read music and get by. I can play more complex pieces after hours and hours of practice, but I am not amazing at it. Playing a musical instrument is calming and is a great way to learn something new without having a ton of random items to go with it. For me it is just a piano, a bench, and some sheet music.

3. Reading- If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know that I am an avid reader and read at least a half of a book a day. Reading is great because it is like t.v in your head, but you are in charge of how the scenery looks etc. This hobby can be zero-waste if you read eBooks or check things out from the library…I do both. I also treat myself to actual books occasionally because nothing beats the smell of a book or actually flipping the pages.


4.Television/movies- I know, I know, I made myself seem so sophisticated, and cultured with the last three hobbies….but seriously I watch some television just like most of you 🙂 I am addicted to the NCIS shows, and watch them religiously. I also enjoy the food channel when I get some free time.

5. Organizing- The last “hobby” that I devote time to is organizing. It is a weird hobby to have but I get satisfaction from bringing order to chaos. I help family and friends organize, and can’t help myself when something is askew, I have to straighten it. Everybody has their quirks, and this is one of mine 🙂

What are some of your hobbies?



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