Following your intuition and dreams

Everyone is supposed to try new things in their twenties, or at least that is what people tell me. I always thought I was on one track, I even had it all planned out….college, degree, teaching job, car, house, etc.

I finished the first two, then realized that this school year teaching jobs in my area were pretty scarce. And since the next school year/job season doesn’t start for another year, I find myself with an entire year that is unplanned.

For someone who likes having a plan, this is a scary prospect.

And of course within this time frame I am going to need an income to pay for the necessities.

So, being the problem solver that I am I decided to try a few new things…I just started my own Organizing business, I also am looking for ways to make money online, I am writing, painting, and thinking about extra part-time jobs.

I have veered off of my chosen path, and I am sure I will make my way back to it, but the in-between is a full year of experimenting and trying new things. (I am going to insert here that if it were not for my generous family I would not have the ability to try all of these new things, I would be working quite a few part-time jobs just to pay rent)

My family is concerned, as they have a right to be, they know that if I am not busy doing something I will get bored within a few weeks. They also are very traditional in the 40 hour work week=success view. I wonder if I can make it without having to do a whole 40-hour week….I have an entire year to find out.

I am not sure how things will turn out, or even if half of the things I try will work out. But I am putting myself out there anyways.

If you don’t try, the answer will always be no.

It is scary, but it will be worth it whether I succeed or fail, simply because I will KNOW that I put forth my best effort and it did/didn’t work.

So here is to not giving up, trying new things, and going against the grain 🙂


2 thoughts on “Following your intuition and dreams

  1. That is a brave thing to do.. but it shouldn’t be. It’s usually how great things are made. Finger crossed it will turn out to be a great experience! Good luck and keep us posted.


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