Tips for Healthy, Natural Hair

Hi everyone, since my last post was about my hair care routine, I thought I would do a follow up post about hair.

The questions I always seem to get are:

“How is your hair so healthy?”

“What shampoo do you use?”

“Is that your real hair?”

“How did you get it to grow so long?”

“Is that your natural texture?”

Yes, this is my natural hair. This picture was taken a while ago, it has grown longer since. It is now 3/4 of the way down my back.

I have really gravitated towards minimalism when it comes to my hair….mostly because I am kinda lazy 😀

  1. Zero-Waste/Minimalist shampoo, etc.578313_459239510758944_463276545_n
  2. Get a trim only when you see split-ends. You want to nip those guys in the bud before they get worse.
  3. I personally never use hair-sprays or volumizing junk on my hair, because it feels gross in my hair, and it doesn’t seem as healthy when I do.
  4. I use a bamboo hairbrush, the plastic ones seem to rip more hair out, the bamboo is gentler.
  5. If your ends are starting to dry, rub a bit of argon/coconut/olive oil on them and leave it in until your next shower.

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