My Zero-waste/Minimalist holiday plan

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner 🙂 This time of the year everyone gets together with friends and family to reconnect and enjoy the holidays.

They even started playing Christmas music on the radio 24/7 already.

This time of year is also known for tons of consumerism…..filling stockings and wrapping gifts, and lots and lots of toys if kids are involved…..


And tons of waste…..wrapping paper, plastic packaging, food scraps, food packaging, etc.

Don’t even get me started on the evil that is Black Friday….I refuse to step foot out of my front door that day just on principle.

I am planning to buck the trend of buying useless crap, dollar store trinkets, things wrapped in paper and plastic.

I plan to have the holidays be stress-free. No last minute shopping or wrapping, everything will be done ahead of time. I am going to spend quality time with family and friends and try to lessen my impact on the planet while I am at it.


  1. I have only one item on my Christmas list this year. A bamboo oil diffuser. I have been thinking about getting one for months now, since I use a lot of essential oils. I am going to tell my family that they can all pitch in and get it for me if they want, but that I DO NOT want anything else. I figure $50 six ways will make it affordable.
  2. Gifts for others– I have been doing this for a while, but whenever I have to get someone a gift for birthdays or holidays, I usually give an edible gift. You would be amazed and the kinds of goodies you can find in the bulk bins 🙂 That way there is no physical clutter when it is consumed, and they can enjoy it without having to find a place to store it. I get it from the store with my own reusable container, so no plastic baggie waste, and then I reuse a glass jar from one of the food items I purchase to “wrap” it in.
  3. Wrapping paper– I don’t use it. I have a few decorative bags that I use to put the glass jars in.christmas_jars I always reuse any bags that are given to me, and if they do not want to keep the bags I give them, I can always take them and reuse them again.
  4. Decorations– Simple is great. We used to have a six foot tall reusable tree, and tons of decorations but it got tiring putting them up and taking them down each year. wonderful-rustic-christmas-decorating-ideas-with-bald-tree-and-silver-balls-ornamentsNot to mention having to store all that junk. Now I have a small 3foot tall tree, that is pre-lit and one shoebox of decorations for it. That’s it. No Outside lights or crazy displays. Just easy decorations that don’t feel like clutter, and can be assembled in less than 20 minutes. Thanksgiving decorations consist of the delicious food on the table.
  5. Food– I will get as much of the food I can without packaging. I plan to make a lot of the baked goods myself, avoiding preservatives and the like. Home-made pies and bread always taste better anyway.
  6. As for spending time with family, we will probably start a fire in the fireplace, eat our goodies, watch a movie like “White Christmas” or Charlie Brown.

What are your Holiday plans?

I will post pics of my home-made gifts as I put them together. Stay tuned 🙂


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