Benefits of a minimalist wardrobe

Within the past six months or so I have really committed to my journey to zero-waste and minimalism. But before I tell you where I am today, let me start at the beginning….

A year ago

I live with my family in your modest suburban home that is somewhere around 1200 sq.ft. There are four of us who currently live in this 3 bed 1 1/2bath home.

A year ago my closet was a disaster. Here in crazy weather state of Michigan, the seasons are not defined into set parameters like other states. Here we could get rain, snow, sleet, and a sunny afternoon all on the same Thursday. So you can imagine the amount of wardrobe that I thought was necessary for this type of weather.

My closet is your average size, not a walk-in by any means, but still bigger than your average linen closet. A year ago it was stuffed to the brim…and it didn’t end there. I have a dresser as well that was also full, so much so that it was difficult to close the drawers. I even had my “winter” clothes packed away in vacuum seal bags in our linen closet.

THAT was how much clothing I owned. And I was lucky if I wore 20% of it regularly.

Fast forward a bit, and I got into minimalism. I started purging. And purging.

And purging some more.

I easily did over a dozen purging sessions, where I would get rid of things that I hadn’t used since the last session that I thought were “must have’s”.

Now….a year later. I can finally say that I am comfortable with the amount of things in my wardrobe. All of my clothes fit….with room to spare…in my closet and dresser. No more vacuum bags, no more stuffing and rearranging to “organize” my excessive amount of stuff. Now it is rather simple.



I love it.

So I thought I would talk about some of the benefits of having a minimalist wardrobe…here we go:

  1. Laundry is easy when you don’t have a mountain of clothes to wash. I do maybe 3 loads a week now, as opposed to the ridiculous amounts I did before. I find when you have less clothes, you wear them longer before each wash too. When you have more, it is easy to justify wearing something for an hour and then changing because you have so much.
  2. I always have something to wear. Sounds contradictory right? Less clothes, but more to wear. I now only own my favorite pieces, which means I don’t have to scourge through my closet to “find” something. I can grab anything at random, and I know it will fit and look great 🙂
  3. It is easy to pack for vacations. I can probably fit my entire wardrobe in a couple of large suitcases if I wanted to.
  4. There is no longer any excuse to not know where something is. Since there is less to keep track of, I never have to search for that one pair of shorts…way back in the abyss of the dark closet corners. It is all easy to manage.
  5. Say it with me… “no more dry cleaning!” This one is optional of course, depending on what pieces you have chosen to keep. I like clothes that I can just throw in my washer and dryer. No more trips to the dry cleaner for me.
  6. I can always find a matching pair of socks. I have about 10pairs now, all white, most of them are interchangeable. It makes my life easy.
  7. It takes me less that 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning. Need a dress? Well the choice is easy…purple, blue, white or black? Done!

What other benefits have you found from having a minimalist wardrobe?

Check out my closet:



5 thoughts on “Benefits of a minimalist wardrobe

  1. Totally agree with all of these. But for #6 – make sure you buy enough socks! I bought the same socks at Costco and it was easy because they always matched. Then I bought another paid at Costco later and now I have “old” socks and “new” socks which I try not to mix together because the old ones are now more worn out and the new ones are nicer even though they are the same pattern/style. Then I went to Costco to replace the old ones and they stopped selling those socks!!! Guess I’ll have to find another place that sells them… or I’ll just replace them all with enough new ones to last a while!


  2. I have done the same! its way easier. I agree with the less laundry too! if my boyfriend would do the same, we would only have to do 1 load every week! It’s way less stress!


  3. Hubby hasn’t reduced his clothing much. Just yesterday I counted the shirts in his laundry basket as I sorted (he normally does his own laundry). He had 26!! Plus at least that many still hanging in the closet and who knows how many in the dresser! I agree with you – less is best!


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