Getting into the holiday spirit :)

Alright, I’ll admit it….sometimes I can be a bit of a scrooge. I think it all boiled down to my absolute disgust with how the holidays have turned into pressurized consumerism mega days. I mean, come on, black Friday deals starting at 6pm on Thanksgiving day? Really?

I don’t know about you, but I am busy eating a Turkey at that time thank you very much.

Then there is always the pressure to buy the best Christmas gifts and of course you have to buy things for everyone.

I’m shaking things up this year 🙂

The holidays are about spending time with family, and being thankful for what you have…I am going to live that statement this year.

Minimalism and Zero-Waste are the things I am going to apply to my holiday plans.

Starting with food.

I hate how much packaging there is on ALL foods, even organic produce comes in plastic wrap more often than not now. What do you think a banana’s skin is for, decoration? No, it is the fruits natural protection.

So, to kick things off I pulled out an old favorite. A gorgeous cook book from the 1950’s that I found at a used book store. (I used to have dozens of cookbooks, but I minimized them down to only this one. It is so pretty that it makes me smile every time I pull it out)


My theme for thanksgiving, is going to be “completely home-made”…no preservatives and processed foods allowed lol

Today I decided to try out my hand at some scratch made oatmeal cookies. I topped them with a home-made vanilla frosting. The entire batch took me maybe 25 minutes from start to finish…that’s a shorter time then it would be for me to go to the store and buy pre-made packaged ones.

Take a look at the results:


Here is the recipe for the oatmeal cookies (left page, towards the bottom):


And the frosting (left page in the middle):


I had all of the ingredients on hand already. My favorite part of the recipes is how simple they are, easy recipes are always the best 🙂

The oatmeal is easy to buy in bulk, as is the flour, sugar, cinnamon and baking soda. Cream of tartar can be bought in bulk as well.

Butter is a tricky one, I buy an organic butter that is just made with cream and salt, but it is wrapped in wax paper.

Eggs you can get at the farmer’s market. Right now it is winter in Michigan, so the farmer market was out but I bought one in an easily recyclable cardboard from the health store (organic and free range)

Vanilla extract I buy in small glass jars with metal lids (haven’t found it in bulk yet)

Molasses is also bought in a glass jar with a metal lid. When I finish I will probably reuse it before eventually recycling it.

All in all, not bad for a few dozen cookies 🙂

Here’s to getting into the holiday spirit, one minimalist and zero-waste step at a time.




4 thoughts on “Getting into the holiday spirit :)

  1. Nice job on the cooking front! From-scratch is the best. Butter is the easiest thing to make! Do you have access to whipping cream in returnable glass bottles, by chance? I agree with the disgrace of the shopping/consumerism obsession! Here’s to going against the grain. Hope you have a great holiday season!


    1. I only can get whipping cream in those waxey unrecyclable containers 😦 Food is easily the hardest for me to make zero-waste, simply because of the lack of stores near me that sell with minimal packaging. I hope you have a great holiday season too! 🙂


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