My Minimalist Shopping Rules

Hi everyone, I’m sitting here this Black Friday taking it easy. Pajamas, television, blog post, that about sums up my plans for today.

I will say that I find it somewhat sad that people are so obsessed with Black Friday deals. Yesterday we said that we were thankful for everything we already have, and then today people go out and shop til they drop.


How do they even manage to get out of bed so early in the morning? I don’t know about you, but I was in a Turkey-coma from about 7pm last night until 10am this morning.

Anywho, with all this shopping hype I thought I would share my strategies for shopping as a minimalist and aspiring zero-waster.

Here are my personal shopping rules:

  1. Never leave home without a shopping list. Especially when grocery shopping, that way you don’t forget anything, but it also cuts down on extraneous purchases that you didn’t really need in the first place.
  2. Always think about what you want to buy before you buy it. I usually see something I like, I take a picture of it…then I wait. I wait for at least a week, then I reevaluate if I really need/want the item. Most of the time I will come to my senses and realize that I don’t like it as much as I thought I did. But occasionally the wait reinforces my belief that I would really enjoy the item, either way I win. The wait only helps me really cement my decisions about purchasing items. I also think about how my purchase will effect the planet, what it is packaged in, and what the quality of the item is (whether or not it is made to last).
  3. Try to shop secondhand when you can. I don’t buy “new” clothes very often. Only when I absolutely need something and cannot find it secondhand anywhere. Most of the time I can find what I need at a secondhand shop, for a fraction of the cost. I actually found a few pairs of PJ bottoms recently for only a dollar a piece, compared to the $12-25 I would have paid to buy them new. šŸ™‚
  4. Always compare prices. I usually check three or four different places to see what the average price is. It usually saves me a few bucks, especially since it is really easy to check prices online instead of having to drive to the store.
  5. The last rule…Always make sure that whatever you are spending your money on brings you joy šŸ™‚ Buy things that you are going to love and use for years to come. Quality over quantity.

6 thoughts on “My Minimalist Shopping Rules

  1. Great list! I love #2 (wait a week). At very least, I always tell women to finish circulating the mall before buying anything. Put the item on hold and keep shopping to see if there’s a better alternative. If you still want the item after stepping away for an hour (and taking inventory of the competition), it’s more likely to be a winning piece.

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  2. by the way, the quote you have attributed to Tyler Durden is actually not his….it was a quote of Will Rogers in the Dirty 30’s, who was commenting on what advertisers do to us…..he was such a prophetic man…so many quotes of his that no one realizes came from him….:)


  3. I like most of these except #3. I think it works well to get some things secondhand, but sometimes buying new means it will last longer so instead of replacing it multiple times, you just buy it once and it lasts. But it does depend on what it is.


    1. Definitely, some things just have to be bought new…underwear, cloth pads, etc. I would never buy those second hand. But for every day stuff like most clothes, furniture I would try buying secondhand before looking new. šŸ™‚

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  4. I love the second hand thrift shop. We have a minimum of seven in our town but one is absolutely always fabulous! I buy most of my fabrics and notions as well as craft supplies and vintage kitchen items there. Even though it is the thrift store, I still try to buy there on sale (they have weekly 50% off and 50 cent tag sales.) I often will hang onto an item while I shop and contemplate do I really need and want it and can I put it to good use? If I can’t answer yes, then I put it back. I don’t care if an item is 50 cents or $50 money is money and I do not want to spend unnecessarily. Great post!


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