Cutting the cord of consumerism

Hi everyone,

So, now that the mad dash of the holiday weekend and Black Friday is over I have finally ventured out of my home and into a store. I had a few errands to do, and one of them took me to the dollar store.

I used to absolutely adore the dollar store…mainly because it was so cheap! But now, after becoming a minimalist and Zero-waster, my eyes are open where they weren’t before.

What I now see when I enter a dollar store:

Plastic….plastic…more plastic. Small cheap stuff that is excessively breakable. Junk…junk, and more junk. Unrecyclable stuff. Lots of chemicals and questionable products.

It just isn’t the same anymore.

I have finally cut the cord on my “consumerist” tendencies.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still buy food, pay my bills, etc. So I am consuming…I do need gas for my car, you know.

But the incessant shopping simply to shop and buying things because “oh, it’s cute. It’s on sale, I have a coupon. I could use it.” is over.

I used to go into stores (both brick and online) and just shop because I was bored, or because I needed more “bins” to organize my “stuff”.

Now I go in and see it for what it is. A large waste of time for most people.

I do buy things occasionally now, like second hand clothes from the salvation army. Or glass mason jars, bamboo toothbrushes, etc. But everything I buy now has to meet certain standards.

The Standards:

  1. The item must be without packaging, or in minimal plastic-free packaging.
  2. The item must not be made out of plastic itself.
  3. The item must be made of sustainable materials.
  4. The item must be made of natural materials, such as wool, cotton, glass, bamboo, etc. No blends or synthetic materials.
  5. It must be a good quality item that will last for years, not weeks.
  6. I have to know where the item came from, I try to make sure my purchases are Fair trade, and made in good conditions.
  7. The closer the item is made to home the better, cutting back on the fuels it takes to reach me or the store.
  8. The item has to serve a specific purpose that is useful to me.
  9. The item must be something that I will actually use.
  10. The item must be easy to recycle, up-cycle, etc when it has ended it’s life.
  11. The item has to bring me a significant amount of joy or convenience, preferably both.

Do you have any other standards for shopping?


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