A question for the ladies ;)

Hi everyone.

I hope your holidays are going well 🙂

I have a specific question for the women out there, especially those who are trying to achieve zero-waste…

How do you stick to Zero-waste when you PMS?

Let me clarify.

I am not talking about pads, etc. I have that covered. Reusable cloth pads and a Divacup are my go-to waste-free alternatives.

I’m talking about food.

I don’t know about you, but when my first day hits and I feel like I am dying, everything goes out the window. I could honestly care less about the fact that chip bags aren’t recyclable when my insides are ripping apart.

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Bags of chips, and copious amounts of junk food are consumed for one day out of every month.

I am also one of those women whose stomach is quite the monster that time of the month…I’m talking about it growling constantly through the night, making me get up multiple times to feed it. And quite frankly when I am interrupted from sleep I want snack foods, I don’t want to have to warm anything up.

And before you say it, no. Fruit doesn’t cut it.

So the first day tends to be me, in the store, clearing out the chips and chocolate, and walking out of the store with a bunch of waste.

After the first day, my mind and conscious return with a vengeance.

But by then I have consumed all of the food anyway.

My question to you, is do you indulge that time of the month? Or do you have any zero-waste snack foods you make ahead of time?


8 thoughts on “A question for the ladies ;)

  1. I am so glad I am not the only one 🙂 We make “treats” to keep on hand (homemade cookies, pudding, brownies, etc) made from scratch at home. For salty I will pop non-gmo popcorn on the stove with organic olive oil and Himalayan salt and store in a big mason jar. That usually covers sweet and salty. Once in awhile I will buy a bag of chips and try to forgive myself later. But usually those things cover it. I can tell when “the time” is coming and try to prepare as much as I can ahead of time.

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  2. Kind of of topic slightly but have you tried the IUD? I found my period lightened ten fold! and it might even go away completely. The first month was rough but then it got better and better. now my period is about 6 weeks apart instead 4 and with my Ruby cup I barely even remember its there! cramps are minimal. on the eating part, I have usually just gone for the chips….

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  3. I am so happy to read, that other ladies also go through this struggle every month. In order to avoid chocolate or in general that craving, which doesn’t let you think about anything, I have started to drink coconut kefir. It has definetely reduced it quite a lot, but I still have my weak moments once in a while. Nuts do help sometimes as well, but the coconut kefir has done a better job than I had imagined. Once in a while I do break down and eat everything I can find within reach, but this is so different from before.


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