Zero-Waste/Minimalist New Year’s resolutions

Hi everyone,

Happy holidays!

New Years is just around the corner and I thought I would share a few of my own New Year’s Resolutions with you.

So here we go,

  1. No Unnecessary Spending in 2016– I am really challenging myself this year to not spend any unnecessary money, which means no new clothes, no going out for food, no extra knick-knacks, etc. The only money I plan to spend is on the basics such as food, gas, insurance, etc….hopefully I’ll save some extra money and learn to be even more grateful for what I already own, which should be enough clothes and such to last me the entire year.
  2. Living as simply as possible and learning to make more things at home- I’m going to try my hand at a bit of everything this year from fermenting to making my own apple-cider vinegar. I’ll share all of the successes and failures here with you guys.
  3. Reducing my paper waste-This is a big one for me, I tend to get a lot of mail and such so I am going to go paperless with my bank statements and use every bit of a piece of paper before I ultimately recycle it.
  4. Finish writing another book…or two– I have been writing a fiction novel for the past few months, and I should be finished with it in the next week or so. This was my first novel ever, and I am hoping that I will be able to find an agent and publisher who will want to buy it, fingers crossed! šŸ™‚
  5. Less stress and more nature-I have plans to spend more time in nature, walks at the park, etc. (once the weather warms up a bit). In the summer I love walking the 2 miles to our local library to check out books. Being outdoors helps me manage my stress levels and be more at peace with everything.

Alrighty that is my list. I will definitely do update posts on how each of these resolutions are going throughout the new year. 2015 was great, and I am sure that 2016 will be even better šŸ™‚

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions?



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