Baby Steps in the kitchen

Now that it is officially 2016, I am in a minimizing/zero-wasting motivational high. These past few days alone I have gone through my things and donated an entire garbage bag full of unused items.

Most of you know that I live with three other people, which can make minimizing and zero-wasting tricky…I think of it as a challenge.

I started this journey by doing a bathroom/bedroom makeover…I donated copious amounts of clothing that no longer fit/I didn’t wear, I completely re-did my bathroom routine swapping out brand names for home-made toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

These two areas were the “safe” areas. A.K.A. the ones that no one would complain about because it only affected myself.

Now I am moving on to the kitchen, the kitchen has always been a point of contention within my family. I think that we have waaayyy to many items in the kitchen, everything from gadgets to utensils that we never use. They however think that we “need” every item although I do most of the cooking and never use them.

Safe to say that we agree to disagree on the point. Anywho, One of my family members is out of town and I am determined to prove that most of our kitchen “daily mess” is his, not mine. So I started by cleaning everything in the kitchen, and I mean Everything.

Our kitchen counter tends to be a dumping ground for dirty dishes, etc. I cleared it all up, and with permission from my mother I boxed up half of our dishes, and donated a few unused items. I kept just enough dishes for us to use, four people and we now have 6 large plates in rotation instead of 20.


It has cut down on the counter clutter, that and a new rule that anyone who uses a dish must wash it immediately when finished. It is easier to wash one than fifty.

So far I will say that it is working beautifully. I also went through and got rid of expired pantry items, and am determined to use most of the items left in there before I go grocery shopping again.

Another part of my kitchen clean up involved shelving our toaster, it used to sit out on the counter and was only used once a day at most. It now has a home underneath the counter and can be pulled out when used then put away. It frees up enough counter space for me to have my temporary compost bin and fruit bowl on the countertop, both of which I use multiple times daily. I think it looks sort of pretty, what do you think?


Now of course there are going to be things that I cannot change, like the giant pack of ramen noodles on the shelf in the first picture (my brothers) and the dish drain that I think is rather unnecessary but the rest of the family uses. But I think it is a nice start.

I also have been using my mason jars and the bulk section at the store for my shelf in the pantry…


I also have done a bit of experimenting today, I ventured into making my own barbeque sauce, which was easy enough to make since we had most of the ingredients on hand already. I also made my own salad dressing.

Check out my Zero-Waste dinner:


From left to right: 1 salad with avocado. 1 jar of home-made BBQ sauce, 1 jar of home-made vinaigrette, 3 small pieces of flank steak (grass fed), 1 glass of home-made mango/orange/apple juice, and finally 1 mashed purple potato with garlic.

It was delicious 🙂

What changes have you made in your kitchen?


7 thoughts on “Baby Steps in the kitchen

  1. Nice! ! I’m still working on wasting less (in every aspect) and I am trying to use glass jars to store everything as well. Everything is nice and organized and I also use all of my food up before buying more. I also have only 6 plates (4 flat and 2 bowls) and 2 glasses and 2 mugs. Dishes never accumulate as we need to use them all day and we also wash them as soon as we finish eating 🙂 great post!

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  2. I definitely feel your pain living at home – my mom is supportive but my dad and brother are pretty set in their ways. My parents buy in (Costco-style) bulk, so instead of storing all the massive packaged containers in our pantry, we put a more reasonable amount in a glass jar and then leave the rest in the cold storage room. This makes it really easy for me to just add in my own bulk, and hopefully will help the rest of the family transition to less plastic at some point!

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  3. I live with my family as well and it is such a CHORE getting them to part with unnecessary appliances and utensils, let alone convincing them not to leave food and dishes in the sink.

    I’ve set up a mini pantry in my bedroom which is a short term solution, but it makes me feel like a renter in my family home. Constantly trying to figure out ways to implement my lifestyle in the public spaces.

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    1. It took forever for me to convince them to let me have a shelf in the pantry as well as one in the fridge and in the cupboard. I begged and pleaded until they finally gave in, it also helped that they saw it as a bonus to get my stuff away and separated from their own :)A pantry in your room is a creative solution.


  4. Originally focused on Kitchen, we started bathroom minimalism issue, which is finally easier for us. Minimalism is an ongoing process but not sure we will achieve it … but we think a lot about it … step by step 😉


  5. Well done! I’m crossing my fingers for you. I’ve done the same here, packed up 2/3 of our plates and bowls in order to proof that we have less mess when we’re forced to clean up before we can use stuff. Works well so far.


  6. Very nice! I started out the same way, living together with my boyfriend and just reducing my stuff and then – little by little – he just joined in, reducing his stuff, too… I think zero waste can be contagious in a very healthy way so go on! 😉


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