Minimalist Wardrobe inventory…

The sun is out for the first time this week, I’m sitting in my comfy pajamas, and eating a yummy paleo pizza that I made yesterday…life is good ๐Ÿ™‚


Before I really dive into the topic of my wardrobe I wanted to give a few brief updates. The first is that, as promised, I started up a batch of apple cider vinegar…this picture was from day 1, and today is day 8. Its looking a lot more like ACV now ๐Ÿ™‚


I also have been doing pretty well about not spending on unnecessary items. For the month of January I have spent a total of twelve dollars besides my regular bills. $2 was on a lotto ticket that I said yes to before I remembered that I wasn’t buying anything, the other $10 were on a pair of fuzzy slippers. (mainly because I am wearing holes in my socks walking around in them all day).

Besides that, everything has been going really well.

Now, onto the wardrobe…

Let me start by saying that my original wardrobe took up my entire closet as well as every square inch of dresser space…it was overwhelming to say the least. In the past year I have downsized my wardrobe to probably 25% of what it used to be.

I am loving the extra space that I have now, everything has space to breathe. WIN_20160121_125829

Now I’ll admit it, there is still a bit more than I am comfortable with. This is my closet currently, I also have a dresser with the smaller things like Tank-tops, underwear, leggings etc. But as of January first I hung all of my clothing backwards. (the hangars are facing the opposite way) as I wear the pieces, I am putting them back the regular way, this way by the end of summer I should have a pretty good idea of what I actually wear and what I don’t. Anything that hasn’t been worn will be donated. I’m pretty sure I already know a few of the pieces that will go, but I’m going to give it until the end of summer to find out.

I wanted to give you a quick inventory of my current wardrobe, it isn’t extremely minimalist, but it is minimalist for ME. Here we go…

  • 7 Dresses
  • 7 skirts (I think that 2-3 will be gone at the end of summer)
  • 8 Cardigans
  • 2 Hoodies
  • 3 pairs of jeans
  • 2 Dress pants
  • 1 pair of Capris
  • 3 pairs of shorts
  • 3 pairs of workout shorts
  • 1 workout capris
  • 1 pair of sweat pants
  • 5 long PJ pants
  • 1 Capri PJ pant
  • 4 PJ shorts
  • 3 Pj tops
  • 4 T-shirts
  • 8 Tank tops
  • 1 workout top
  • 2 leggings
  • 1 long underwear
  • 4 gowns
  • 1 bathing suit
  • 1 pair of panty hose
  • More underwear than I am willing to count (my one minimalist weakness)
  • 10 pairs of socks
  • 16 shirts/sweaters
  • 4 scarves
  • 2 pairs of gloves
  • 3 hats
  • 8 pairs of shoes
  • 2 coats

Now I do live in a place with 4 very distinct seasons, so this might seem like a lot. I am still in the process to minimizing to what I use/need and nothing more. It may not seem possible, but I can fit my entire wardrobe in my luggage that consists of 1 suitcase, 4 duffle and 1 small carry-on bag…before that used to only fit my winter clothes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Baby steps.

What does your wardrobe look like? Do you have an area that you would like to minimize further?


10 thoughts on “Minimalist Wardrobe inventory…

  1. I’ve been minimising my wardrobe over the last year or two as well. I’m down to:
    9 dresses
    7 tshirts
    3 singlet style tops
    1 long sleeved shirt
    1 pair of jeans
    2 trackies
    1 leggings full length
    2 pairs of shorts
    1 tunic knit dress/top
    2 cardigans
    1 skirt suit (skirt and jacket)
    1 pant suits (pants and jacket)
    1 denim jacket
    1 fleece jacket
    1 windbreaker jacket
    1 water resistant jacket
    1 hoodie
    1 oil skin
    2 coats
    1 rain coat
    1 short pj set
    1 long pj set
    Bike top and shorts
    3 Bathers (Bikini and 2 one pieces)
    1 Capri running pants
    1 running top
    2 dirty job tshirts
    2 thermal tops
    1 thermal leggings
    2 summer hats
    2 winter hats
    4 scarves
    9 pairs of socks
    3 pairs of tights
    1 sports bra
    7 pairs of Undies
    Plus jewellery and shoes which I haven’t counted but I’m working to reduce.

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  2. I actually did this back in August of last year –! Also, I got rid of my slippers a long time ago because I figured they were unnecessary since I could just wear socks around, but then when I read you bought slippers so you wouldn’t be wearing out your socks – it was like lightbulb/aha moment! That is such an interesting way to look at it. I might have to consider getting me some slippers, too!

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  3. I’m afraid to actually count everything! We’ve both eliminated about 1/2 but it will seem like so much if we count. We both could eliminate more.

    I know I have 7 cashmere sweaters – one for each day in a different color – and more undies than I really need. 1 pair of slippers – they are so much better than socks!

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