Life lessons from my cats…

This week has been super busy as I have started my little seedlings that will be transplanted into my garden in about a month, I also have been doing some spring cleaning and a bit of furniture rearranging that is always good for the soul.

As I scooped up the dirt into my little biodegradable planter pots my cats hopped up onto the kitchen table in their curious way and started sniffing at the dirt. They are super curious creatures, and extremely smart (I routinely have to find ways to outsmart them when they are determined about something πŸ™‚ )

Anyway, I got to thinking about my cat’s lives and how they are so care free. I mean honestly, they sleep a lot, stretch and poke their noses into anything new or interesting, they watch the birds and squirrels outside, and they even take a part in protecting our home from invaders (both of the pest variety as well as the mysterious “invading” stray cats that meow outside our windows at night).

They have stress-free lives that are simple and I believe are a good example of what I might like my life to be like….

I decided to compile a list of advice that I’m sure my two cats would lecture me/advise me on if they could speak English. As well as a few life lessons that they have already learned…

  1. Sleep is a good thing, no, a great thing! It is rejuvenating and an important part of your overall health. I personally try to get 8 hours a night, if I get any less I end up a very crabby person in the mornings. Now if only my cats would leave me alone at night so that sleep could be uninterrupted, then I would be totally set! πŸ™‚WIN_20150523_213218
  2. Food is important as well, and when you are hungry, EAT…but don’t overeat. My cats are of the opinion that they like to eat smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to larger meals. They eat 4 times a day-ish, which is pretty similar to my eating habits. I tend to graze as I get hungry throughout the day, not having “meals” necessarily, more of small plates of stuff frequently to keep my energy levels steady.
  3. Nature is awesome, and getting in touch with it is a great way to maintain your energy levels and to decrease your stress. We have a very tall fence surrounding our backyard and I like to bathe my cats when they need it, usually once a month at most, and so they get 3 days or so during the summer where I let them out into the backyard for a few hours right before bath time. They LOVE it! They roll around in the grass, eat some random bits of the taller grass near the fence, roll around in the dirt, investigate the garden…my one cat Tiger chased a bee once to his own detriment, safe to say he learned his lesson about chasing certain bugs, though he does chase squirrels out of the yard at every opportunity. They always go out and nibble on the catnip in the garden and they even just chill out on the patio and sunbathe. As a minimalist and outdoor enthusiast I try to get outside every chance I get in the warmer months, which is about 3 months of the year here in Michigan. πŸ™‚
  4. Have a hobby that you love, whether that be a craft or writing or gardening, find something you enjoy and do it! Tiger loves chasing our two birds around, napping, getting into small spaces, his stuffed rat, and finding ways to drive me insane…especially when I am trying to sleep. (for some reason that is the only time of day that he is determined to play and meow incessantly haha) Cheetah on the other hand loves napping, chasing his own tail, getting rubbed from head to toe, and laying on people’s laps. I personally like gardening, being outdoors, painting, drawing, writing, and of course talking to all of you.
  5. Stretch yourself, both mentally and physically. Tiger does this by finding new ways to try and outsmart me (we have a mental war going on). It all started with the conundrum of how to get me awake during the night when he randomly decides that he is hungry, it went from knocking my blinds against the window to slamming my bedroom door into the closet door…I knocked his butt off the bed to solve the first one and placed a small pillow between the doors for the second one. He knows how to open side door handles as well as how to get into the cupboards. He has found ways to jump onto the very top of my large dresser and then leaps grandly from it to land gracefully on my bed. Cheetah on the other hand is a lazy bum and is kinda a fatty in the wintertime, though he is exceptionally adorable. To keep in shape I work out doing dance videos as well as biking, and I read books and watch documentaries to keep my mind in shape.
  6. Life is what you make of it, if you want something then make it happen instead of waiting around for someone to do it for you. Tiger takes this one to heart, if he wants fresh water in his dish he makes a point of trying to drink out of my cup to get the message across. If he wants into the bathroom, he opens the door and strolls right in. If he wants food he will literally get in your face and meow right at you to let you know that he is hungry.
  7. Don’t sweat the small stuff, so what if you accidentally-cough-on purpose knock over an entire shelf of books? Or spill a bit of juice on the counter? At the end of the day the small stuff isn’t that big of a deal, having both of my cats has taught me this. Like when your hair ties go missing and you walk by the bathroom one day to find your cat opening the drawer with his paw, taking a scrunchie, and then shutting the drawer before walking out with his stolen goods….you sigh and do a small face-palm before taking those scrunchies and moving them to a safer location πŸ™‚
  8. Always make a point to be cleanly. Good hygiene is a major part of good health. Tiger makes sure that his toys are clean by dropping them in his water dish and swishing them about, he makes sure he is clean as well for the most part, he even helps Cheetah by washing his face with his tongue.
  9. Never underestimate how much a good rubdown can do for your mood and health. My cats know this, in face they demand to be rubbed quite frequently. They do all sorts of cute poses and faces to get you to give them a massage, and quite frankly I like getting one occasionally too. If you can’t afford a professional massage, or don’t even have a friend or partner to do it for you, you can always do it yourself. I just learned how to do an acupressure massage on yourself, and I will say that it was incredibly relaxing. I plan on incorporating it into my weekly routine.
  10. Last but most certainly not least, don’t be afraid to be your incredibly unique and goofy self. Sometimes we have to put our true personalities in the backseat, like at a professional job or meeting, but you need to be yourself sometimes, even if it is just around family who are equally as unique and goofy as you. It is almost therapeutic to just laugh and be merry, dance ridiculously to a song on the radio or belt it out at the top of your lungs, make silly faces and impersonate different accents from around the world….10556224_10152333546021725_8818237981572519943_n

Life is too short to waste it on things that aren’t so important, so take a few pieces of advice from my cats and enjoy your life….you only get one after all πŸ™‚


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