Life’s too short….

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post and the time has just flown by. I’ve been busy with spring cleaning and more purging, finding new grocery stores and even filling out more job applications.I even got one of the best emails EVER yesterday and I am so excited about it. (I’ll let you guys know the details when everything is settled)

But during these few weeks I really thought about how much harder they would have been a year ago…I had so much stuff that spring cleaning was a marathon of almost a whole month! But now it only took a day to deep clean everything, and now that it is all clean I am going through another purging session.

I feel so much lighter than I did a year ago, or two years ago, or even in high school. I have the time to actually DO things instead of taking care of things. I can sit down and read a book without having to worry about if my clothes are dirty for the next morning. I can randomly decide to take a walk around the block any time I want to. I have freed up so much TIME by reducing my needs, and it feels GREAT! Minimalism and Zero-Waste efforts have literally opened up time for me….and tons of space 🙂

With all of this lightness, I have also been faced with the glaring reality of our mortality. We only have on average somewhere between 80 and 100 years to live on this planet, with that calculation I have already lived a good quarter of my life. What I find with our lives is that most of our time seems to revolve around stuff. Stuff that we can’t take with us at the end of our lives.

What usually happens right after a family member dies? You have to go through their stuff, and if they have a LOT of stuff, that task can take weeks or even months. All of those things that they saved in the hopes that their children/grandchildren/relatives would love them, usually end up at a resale shop, or in the trash. The act of going through all of the physical baggage can be depressing, which is probably why people end up keeping things for years and years out of guilt.

I don’t know about you, but when I eventually kick the bucket I definitely don’t want to leave such a burden to any of my family members. I’d rather them spend their time remembering all of the good times we had together, all of the fun things we did and the places we went.

This brings me to my topic for today…

Life is too short.

Life is too short…to hang onto things that you are only keeping out of guilt.

Life is too short…to spend your entire weekend taking care of the yard and cleaning out your garage for the umpteenth time.

Life is too short…to waste your time on tangible things, when your time would be more appreciated if it was spent with family and friends.

Life is too short…to take your loved ones for granted.

Life is too short….to work countless overtime hours just to be able to afford a new television or a new car.

Life is too short….Go out while you can and enjoy nature, it is so relaxing to sit on the porch and watch squirrels and birds and little critters running around, try it sometime.


Life is too short…Make sure to eat dinner with family and friends (without the company of phones or televisions), you’d be surprised by all the things you can talk about.

Life is too short…to use more than you need, your excess can be something that someone else needs desperately.

Life is too short…to pollute the world for future generations.

Life is too short…to not follow your dreams.

Life is too short…to not put yourself out there and take risks, without the fear of rejection.

Life is too short…So make sure to make a positive impact on the world instead of a negative one 🙂

Each day could be your last, and that is how I want to live my life, as though each day could be my last. I don’t want to get to the end of my life with regrets, I want to be able to look back and say “Wow, look at how much I LIVED my life.” “Look at all the things I experienced.”

What do you think? Am I alone in this?

Do you have anything to add to the list? If you do I would love to hear about it in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Life’s too short….

  1. I love all of this and want to remember it all every day! I think it’s crazy to think about how life is short but also how it could end or change so suddenly (heart attack, stroke, car accident, etc). You just never know and might not see it coming.


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