Loving them Berries

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

I’ve got dinner plans with my own mother and grandmother later, so I’ll make this a short one.

Last summer at the farmers market I bought a good five pounds of blueberries from one of the vendors there. When I got home I froze them individually and then stored them in mason jars in my freezer. Safe to say during this past winter when berry prices skyrocketed I was quite glad I bought those berries. But besides eating them whole, I’ve recently started using them in fruit smoothies…Delicious!


Today I finally used my last jar of frozen blueberries to make a triple berry smoothie (mostly zero-waste style). I used fresh strawberries, my blueberries, raspberry sorbet, and some almond milk (which does come in a carton, but I’m okay with that since I need the calcium boost).

But the whole 5 pounds of blueberries lasted me the whole winter, and for only $25 bucks too. In the dead of winter blueberries can go for over $5 for a 6oz package. So the five pounds, safe to say was a total steal at the farmers market. And as an added boost they came package free except for a small cardboard box, and they helped support a local farmer. So win-win!

If you don’t have a farmers market, you could always garden and then preserve your own veggies and fruit, that’s my plan for this year and whatever I don’t grow myself I’ll supplement with things from the farmers market. I already have lettuce, spinach, potato plants, squash, zucchini, peas, and green beans sprouting in the garden. I can’t wait for their first harvest.

If you haven’t tried preserving or freezing food for the winter, I’d definitely recommend it, especially for things like berries and tomatoes. Speaking of which….

I just finally used my last jar of tomato sauce I made from a big batch of 30 tomatoes from the farmers market last year. They cost like $4 and made 9 mason jars worth of sauce. Tip: Ask the vendor if they have any “ugly” tomatoes they’d sell for cheap. Since they’re going in a sauce to preserved they don’t have to be pretty 🙂

One afternoon of work and cooking, and I had a whole winter’s worth of spaghetti sauce/marinara sauce. Totally worth it in my book.

Are there any foods you preserve for the colder months, if so which are your favorites? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!





4 thoughts on “Loving them Berries

  1. I love this post, Candice! I canned potatoes and green beans last year! In fact I canned somewhere around 120 quart size jars of potatoes that we are STILL eating! I use them for stews, mixed in with roasts, and as mashed potatoes! I love the idea of making your own tomato sauces and pastes. We tried to grow tomatoes last year with no luck, and by the time I gave in to go to the farmers market, it was too late. This year, I am completely changing that! If my tomatoes do not grow, I will definitely be at the farmers market in plenty of time to can some goods! I also love your idea of freezing berries! We froze zucchini and enjoyed it throughout winter. It was so nice to bring a touch of summer into winter! I cannot wait to hear how gardening goes for you this year!


    1. Wow Erin, that’s a LOT of potatoes! Tomatoes always give me problems too, I can never get them to grow well from seeds. I just started with zucchini this year in our garden and have 7-8 plants already growing 🙂


  2. I can’t believe you still had some leftover! I picked and froze strawberries last year; those didn’t last long, same with the blueberries. I will pick and freeze again this year. I also made salsa with a friend, but again, those didn’t last long especially when your sister realizes that a) you made homemade salsa, and b) it’s friggin delicious. She was spooning it out of the jars!

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