It’s that time of year again…

…the beginning of spring! And I am super excited that the weather is finally warming up and winter is over ( fingers crossed lol).

This time of year is my favorite. It’s all about new growth and new life, freshening things up and starting new. I’m in the process of spring cleaning, purging excess winter stuff, and my favorite…getting things ready for the garden! 1522678082532-1451483086.jpg

Officially it is still too cold at nights to plant anything outside just yet but I already have some lovely little seeds planted indoors in old paper egg cartons and random pots and such I had lying around. I kept it minimal and mostly zero waste by using containers I had on hand as well as the egg cartons which are biodegradable and can transfer straight into the garden when it is time. I also used seeds I saved from my harvest last year so I didn’t have to purchase any new. The only things I bought were some organic potting mix and organic compost fertilizer.

I don’t know what it is about growing things myself but I get so excited to see my little sprouts grow into full plants 🙂 It is very satisfying to eat something that you grew yourself from start to finish.

Even if you don’t have space outdoors for a garden, all you really need is a sunny window and a few pots and you can have a small green space in your home for growing herbs or even lettuce for salads all year round.

Do you garden? Have any great tips for indoor gardening? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Xo Candice