Compostable shoes!


Hey guys,

Lately I’ve been working towards a new goal of mine, to have a completely natural wardrobe….or in other words, a wardrobe where my pieces (once dead) will be completely compostable! (Another post on my progress will be coming soon)

So far I’ve converted about 85% of my wardrobe to pieces made of natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, cashmere, and hemp. All of the pieces have been thrift finds, until now.

Reasons to thrift:

  1. The clothes are already in the waste stream, and I’m giving them a second life before they become garbage. So it’s eco-friendly 🙂
  2. Less waste as opposed to normal shopping, most things only leave with a small paper tag attached, so very little in the way of new trash.
  3. It’s cheap! Easy on my budget.
  4. And I find it fun to look for new uses for old things, and thrift store shopping can be fun….like a scavenger hunt lol.

So, as a result almost 95% of my wardrobe has been thrifted over the years. I just recently started replacing my old synthetic fabric pieces with natural ones….


  1. Natural fabric is so much better for your skin. I personally don’t itch in natural fabric but can’t stop itching if I happen to sweat in a synthetic fabric shirt.
  2. Along the same lines, natural fabric is just that…Natural…no plastic weaves or nasty man-made synthetic fabrics that pollute the world not only during production and disposal, but also when you wash them (google polyester water pollution). Cotton, hemp and the like have no such problems. (as a caveat cotton is produced most of the time with pesticides, but at least the end product is compostable and nowhere near as harmful as some of the synthetics)
  3. They breathe!
  4. Do I even need another reason?

Anyway, when I was looking into switching up my wardrobe I also wanted to look into shoes and undergarments, etc. And as most of you know it is incredibly difficult to find good shoes and undergarments at a thrift store, so I knew I would have to buy new. But when buying new I have strict standards and I wanted only the best quality made in the least harmful way possible. While researching I happened upon a small company based in Canada (Rawganique) that makes and sells their own clothing, bras, etc and since I decided to order a custom made 100% organic cotton bra from them…I figured I’d try out the shoes too.

Boy am I happy I did 🙂

Check them out….made of 100% hemp fabric and a 100% natural rubber sole, these babies are cute and eco-friendly…and pretty comfy too!DSC04084DSC04082

They came with a small amount of recyclable packaging (as I requested) and the only bit of plastic is from the tape they used to seal the package, the rest will go right into recycling 🙂


The best part is that these babies will be able to go right into my compost bin….years from now….when they finally bite the dust. Until then, I’m going to enjoy them.

It’s hard to find companies and brands that meet my ethical standards while also being within my budget and fashionable as well, but Rawganique really knocked this one out of the park. I really like the company because they are chemical-free, sweatshop-free, and make everything with sustainable fabrics. They also do a lot of products custom made (like bras), so you’re guaranteed it will fit. They even had me measure my foot to make sure they were sending me the right size 🙂

(And for those of you wondering, NO I do not get paid to sponsor them in any way, this is simply a great review from a very satisfied customer)

Have any of you tried natural shoes? Or have anything made out of hemp? As always I’d love to hear about it in the comments!




Today’s purge :)

Purging is something that is not done in one session, it is a process that continues throughout your life. I have personally found it helpful to have one box or bag that serves as a permanent “donation box”, that way whenever you decide to let something go, you have a place to put it immediately. If you have someplace designated for your donations, then it nixes that nasty habit of putting it in a random place “for now”, then just forgetting about it. I like to keep a donation bin in our front closet, right inside of our front door. Having it close to the door reminds me that when it is full I need to take it OUT said door, to the donation center.

I have done a few major purges already, so the bulk of my excess stuff is already gone, now it is just smaller things that catch my attention. As a rule for myself I make sure to scan all of my possessions once a week and cull anything that isn’t useful or beautiful, and sometimes even if it is beautiful it might be difficult to clean…those tend to get discarded as well simply because it is complicated to care for them.

Today is a scanning day, and I have found some things that I have reevaluated since my last purge, and I have decided to let them go.

So, in my donation box today is…..

WIN_20150723_0957011. 3 paper lanterns that I used to love and use daily, but haven’t been used in a few years.

2. A small box of unnecessary makeup, nail polish, and a manicure cuticle thingy that I have never used.

3. The 2 pairs of shoes that I blogged about yesterday….they have been used and loved, but are no longer useful to ME.

4. Two scarves that I used to wear a lot, but that no longer fit my style, or my wardrobe.

Baby-Step #14- Shoes, shoes, and more shoes

Alright ladies, it is time to fess up, how many shoes do you actually own?

If you are anything like me, then you probably have a ridiculous amount of shoes, and you probably only wear 2-3 pairs regularly. I had probably 15 pairs of heels before I started the de-cluttering process, and I am 5’11″….so in heels that makes me about 6’2. I don’t wear heels very often for that fact, it can be awkward when you are taller than 85% of the population 🙂

That being said, I had pairs that I haven’t worn since middle school, which was about 10 years ago. Safe to say it was time to let go. I originally had around 30-35 pairs of shoes before my first purge a few months ago. I went back this week and purged again because there were some pairs of shoes that I just knew I was never going to wear again, but was holding onto “just in case”.

That phrase “just in case” drives me crazy, especially when I hear myself say it. That is when I get tough with myself and say to myself “just in case is not a good reason to hold onto ANYTHING, except maybe your first aid kit, let it go!”

WIN_20150710_114542This is a picture of what I have left after this purge. I now have 12 pairs of shoes, which by the end of summer will probably be down to 10. I kept:

1. Winter boots (I live in a colder climate, these babies are unavoidable)

2. Workout shoes

3. Outdoor tennis-shoes for yard work

4. Beige flats

5.Brown flats

6. Black flats

7. High heel boots

8. White flip-flops

9. Gold flip-flops

10. brown heels

11. Gray heels

12. Black heels

I know that this might seem excessive to some, but I am slowly getting there. I have gotten rid of 60% of my shoes already, and by the end of summer the gold flops and the white tennis shoes will be done for. I am also thinking of donating the brown heels because I don’t really wear them.

Safe to say, I have a LOT more closet space now, and a lot less clutter. 🙂