My diet

Hi everyone, I finally got around to making a new page for my blog! This page is dedicated to a major presence in my life…Food 🙂 I will post recipes, facets of my diet, food intolerance information, products I use….the works.

This post is about my journey with food…..

When I was little I remember having to take “dairy” pills before eating anything that contained dairy products. At the time I had no idea why I was taking them, just that if I wanted a slice of pizza I had to take the awful tasting pill. As it turns out, I was lactose intolerant…..I still am today. The doctor told my parents that I would grow out of it within a few years of taking the pills, it did decrease my problems with dairy, but as I found out much later….lactose intolerance never just “goes away”, at least not for me anyway 🙂

Moving on, years go by, middle school turns into high school, I ate ridiculous amounts of JUNK in those years….delicious junk, but junk all the same. Then around the 10th grade I started getting acne, it started small at first, but by the time I was a sophomore in college and it wasn’t going away, but getting Worse, I started to get irritated. Anywho, another year goes by, along with many prescriptions for my face, and I had finally had it. Nothing was working, and my face was only getting worse by the week. I went researching the net on my own, for 3 days I was reading articles, I finally found something that made sense….You are what you eat.

Simple words really, we have all heard them at some point, but for me they really rang true. I had read tons of articles about how food intolerances/allergies can be linked to acne, because your skin is trying to expel the “poison” it is fighting in your gut. I remembered how I was lactose intolerant as a kid and decided right then and there to stop eating dairy to see if it would help my face.

You guessed it, it started to decrease the amount of acne I had.

A few months into stopping the dairy, I noticed something else, every time I would eat a piece of bread, or pasta, or anything with flour, my acne would flare up. So what did I do, I went gluten free as well.

After 5 months of no dairy and no gluten, my face was 100% clear. Then I did something stupid, I justified it by saying that to know for sure that they bother me I needed to try and eat them 1 more time. I ate 2 slices of pizza. I shouldn’t have, and if I had known that I would feel like death warmed over for a week, I wouldn’t have. Literally, my stomach bloated 3 inches within a half hour of eating it…I had stomach cramps like when you get the flu….it was miserable.

So after all of that, and a few extra months to get myself back on track, I know 3 things…

1. I have food intolerances.

2. Eating those foods gives me acne, eczema, digestive problems, etc.

3. I will never eat those foods again unless I am starving and have no other option.

Now I am back on track, I still have scars that are fading slowly, but I don’t have any new problems with acne or eczema.

My diet is a quasi-Paleo diet currently….meaning that I only eat:

Paleo-Diet-What-to-Eat-and-Avoid1. Meat…for me that is mainly grass-fed organic steak and chicken. Occasionally I have wild caught tuna as well.

2. Vegetables- hard-core paleo dieters usually don’t eat potatoes, but they do not bother me so I do eat yellow and purple potatoes.

3.Fruits- I love them all 🙂

4.Nuts and Seeds- all except peanuts.

5.Eggs- from free range chickens

6.Condiments such as BBQ sauce, mayo, mustard, etc. that are Paleo friendly.

Before you get annoyed with me for eating meat, let me explain…

I am 5’11”, and currently about 135lbs…if I stopped eating meat, I would look anorexic, I cannot keep the weight on without the meat, especially since I don’t consume grains anymore.

Some of the positive changes that have happened since cutting out my food intolerances are:

1. I have lost a total of 40lbs since switching to a healthier diet, and exercising, over the course of 3 years.

2. I have more energy.

3. I am eating whole foods that are better for me, and tastier too 🙂

4. I have cleansed my palette of excess sugar and such, so I can actually taste everything now without excess sugar or salt.

5. Grocery shopping has become simpler, since I just avoid the aisles with packaged products for the most part.

6. My skin is healing, and I no longer get patches of eczema.

That has been my journey so far, keep a look out for more posts with recipes and food fun!



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