Baby-Step #19- Sewing Kit

Everyone knows about the 3 R’s…. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, but I would add 2 extra R’s to this list. My list goes like this…

Refuse– plastics, single-use, etc.

Reduce- what you use, the amount of possessions, etc.

Repair- holes in clothes, etc.

Reuse- upcycle, use in a different way, etc.

Recycle- what doesn’t fall into the previous categories.

I would go down the list in exactly that order as well, that way, by the time you get to the recycle option, there won’t be that much to recycle.

Today I want to focus on the Repair R. Almost every “new” piece of clothing comes with some sort of extra button or string, and along the way I started collecting these things in a glass mason jar that I had. (I mostly buy second hand now, but occasionally buying “new” is unavoidable)

As time went on I added  small pair of scissors to the jar, along with a sewing needle, a thimble, and a few bobbins of thread that I had collected over the years. I saw a pinterest sewing kit in a jar, and it had a pin cushion on top of the jar, so I decided to DIY one for my jar. I just took some extra fabric for the stuffing, and a purple scrap to cover it, I hot glued it to the lid of the jar and my home-made sewing kit was born.


This beauty has helped me save many sweaters, skirts, and bags from the landfill. It is extremely convenient to be able to pull this out whenever I find a hole or torn seam, and just sew it back together. I have extended the life of most of my clothes with a tiny sew job.

When the clothes or other cloth items can no longer be mended, they will be reused as scraps or hankies, extending their lives even further.

Do you have a sewing kit at home?